Fear of the Unknown Hold us Back !

by Gab Doy Internet and Businesses Online, Health and Fitness, Self Improvement
Why going in the unknown is so challenging for all of us? By staying comfortable and  in our zone of certainty  we are not helping ourselves , let's take a look at how by doing that it can impact negatively  4 different  aspects of our lives ! 1- Health During a long period of my life being healthy wasn't really a priority to be honest, as a smoker for years i even though that maintening a healthy lifestyle was not worth it ...
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Cultural Mindset Shift Required !

by Gab Doy Home Based Business, Self Improvement, Reference and Education
What is a cultural mindset shift and why it is more important than ever before ? In the following i want to question our beliefs about the job market also take a look at the different options we all have . 1-Pointless jobs  Have you ever had the nagging feeling that our job - or the job of a friend or colleague- is actually pointless ? Why, you may have wondered , do most of us still spend the majority of our ...
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Corporate Culture Broken !

by Gab Doy Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online
The corporate culture is not doing so good latly ! How can we get out of our 9 to 5 jobs which don't give us any fulfilment and securities anymore ? In the following , i want to share with you some insights about the corporate worl , also the new options we have . 1- Illusion  Most of us were raised to believe that if we worked hard and went to college ,we would be rewarded with our dream job and ...
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