Why I am creating my dream life through digital technology

by Hamera Maika Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Finance, Self Improvement
In the last five years I have been open to and searching for a way that I could start helping people create their greatest lives through digital technology. I am very fortunate to be working with great people and in an occupation, that is very rewarding.  I am a secondary school teacher and I specialise in working with young Māori (indigenous peoples of New Zealand) males to build a strong mindset for the future.  What made me pursue an online lifestyle is ...
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Emancipation through the digital economy

by Hamera Maika News and Society, Self Improvement, Reference and Education
“Go to school, get into University, get a great job and help your people”.  These are the sentiments of many caring parents to their children and it was certainly like that for me and my siblings.  Being brought up in our Māori (Indigenous peoples of New Zealand) values there was extra emphasis placed on helping your people.  Māori like many other indigenous populations of the world have the highest statistics for poor health, domestic violence, incarceration rates and male teen suicide ...
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Indigenous Teachings on Unity and Purpose

by Hamera Maika News and Society, Reference and Education
I was raised in a small rural community called Harataunga/Kennedy’s Bay in the Coromandel region of New Zealand.  My siblings and I were nurtured in our traditional Māori (Indigenous peoples of New Zealand) values, language, practices and customs. As I transition in to my online journey I have pondered much on our most sacred practice of mourning the deceased or tangihanga and how its fundamental principles promote sound business practice.  For Māori in New Zealand each tribe and sub-tribe have a meeting ...
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