Spring Step shoes

by corina solom Computers and Technology
Shop now your perfect pair of shoes. Spring Step Shoes offer a large collection of seasonal shoes to cover all kinds of feet. A wide range of boots sandals, heels and more that will provide you the comfort and the quality you are looking for. 
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My Sky Moment

by corina solom Home and Family
My Sky Moment is a print of the Night Sky of any special date of any location in the world. Whether you are looking to celebrate your first date, the birth of a new baby, an upcoming wedding or special anniversary, you can commemorate this day with this personalized star map. The My Sky Moment star map measures 16"x20" and comes in an array of colors. Options also include canvas printing and framed packages to make your unique map of ...
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by corina solom Self Improvement, Book Reviews
LETTING GO describes a simple and effective means by which to let go of the obstacles and become free of negativity. During many decades of the author's psychiatric practice, the primary aim was to seek the most effective ways to relieve human sufering in all of its many forms. The inner mechanism of surrender was found to be a great practical benefit and is described in this book. Over the years, thousands of students have asked for a practical technique ...
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Made as intended 108 count Ho'oponopono Mala and Meditation

by corina solom Self Improvement
Ho'Oponopono Music and Meditation collective- HERE Hawaiian Mala for Ho'Oponopono -forgiveness meditation- HERE -Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness -Each bead is used to symbolically represent one of the following four statements of the practice: I am sorry, Please forgive. I love you and Thank you. -Moonstone, an inner guide to hidden truths, Soul journey, and New beginnings. Kyanite Empowerment minerals of limitless energies. -Blue Lace Agate Encouragement, Support, Clarity, Awakening one's awareness of inner spirit. -Rose Heart Quartz Stone of unconditional love, ...
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Break Free From the Old

by corina solom Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement
Your words mixed with your thoughts blend to become your reality. What you speak over your life is what your life will become. If you are always talking about how you can't find a way to get out of the situation you are in, how you never get any luck, well, you are right. You will never have those things if that is what you say and that is what you believe.  If you don't believe it you won't even try ...
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Open up to the new digital opportunities...

by corina solom Business, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online
You can easily take advantage of the digital world to start a business online. You c an offer new clothes, household items or other products for sale with online sales platforms such as Ebay.com, Amazon.com, and many others. Similarly, you can offer services such as tutoring, babysitting both online and offline as a home-based business. You can work as an affiliate and develop your skills as a public speaker or as a blog writer within moths. In the link below ...
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Stop going around the same circle in your life. Take a new road right now.

by corina solom Business, Internet and Businesses Online
Starting an online business is not only a fulfilling undertaking but it allows you to build your way towards success in your unique way. If you are a person just like me, that has always had the desire to have a business, then why lose more time? Your future can start today. If you don't know where to begin, don't worry. With some guidance and insights, you'll be on the road to riches in no time. While pursuing this venture ...
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Start working online from home.

by corina solom Business, Computers and Technology, Finance, Investing, Self Improvement
Are you one of the 70 % of the people who feel that they don't fit anymore with their job? If so the desire to change might be prominent within you, but in order to change your current situation, you must want to change it.  You may be one of the people who have a gift, a talent residing within them that you want to share with the world and you can.  We all have a desire for a change. These video series ...
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