We All Need Mentors for Success - Where’s Yours?

by Jeri-Lee Svenson Self Improvement
Have there been times in your life where you came across a personal block or challenge in your quest for success? Did you feel isolated in your process? Did you have anyone to turn to for sound advice? I’ve certainly experienced those moments. Moments when I knew I needed to overcome something that was preventing me from achieving a goal but I didn’t have the right guidance to break through it. There are people out there who have already walked the path ...
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Hey Busy Mum… It’s Time To Connect To Your Life Purpose

by Jeri-Lee Svenson Self Improvement, Home and Family
What childhood aspirations have you parked on the shelf because life got in the way and your dreams just got forgotten about? Was bending a metal spoon with your mind one of them? (My 9-year-old wants to become a magician so spoon bending has come up recently in our conversations). Was it to start your own fashion business? Write and illustrate your own book? Be a successful entrepreneur? Take yourself back in time and remember what you used to daydream about; ...
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For Sleep-Deprived Mothers, These Energy Hacks Work Like Crazy!

by Jeri-Lee Svenson Self Improvement, Home and Family, Kids and Teens
Having just celebrated our youngest 3rd birthday, I quietly acknowledged the end of an era of sleepless nights. If you are a new mum (or not-so-new mum with toddlers) you will undoubtedly experience endless nights of disturbed sleep that feel a little bit like torture. Being of service 24/7 to little ones, you need to tap into energy reserves from sources other than your night’s rest. Here are some energy hacks I have used to keep me going over the ...
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5 Alternative Income Sources for Struggling Health Practitioners

by Jeri-Lee Svenson Home Based Business, Health and Fitness, Home and Family
I have a lot of respect for therapists and professionals in the alternative/complimentary health industry. They are passionate about what they do, they love helping people, and they have big hearts. So to all you massage therapists, acupuncturists, osteopaths, naturopaths, and energy healers out there, kudos to you for spreading the love, creating healing in the most natural way possible, and generally making this world a better place. But…one thing I know is that it is not all plain sailing for ...
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