Why you shouldn't think about doing something and just do it

by Leonard Smith Arts and Entertainment, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement, Writing and Speaking
If you really think about doing something, then you'll never do it...here's why! If you think about it, just doing something without thinking about it is just so much easier, because let's face it when you don't think about what you want or need to do, you just do it and then it gets done. Whereas, if you have it playing on your mind all the time, you will then start to have questions on whether you will do what you need ...
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They call us crazy...but aren't they the crazy ones?

by Leonard Smith Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement
Let me tell you exactly why people who just follow the status quo are the crazy ones... Yes, it's true that if you are not following everyone else, if you are not following the rules, if you are not saying 'yes' all of the time, if you want more from life, then people will think you are crazy and that you shouldn't aspire to unleash your true potential. So, my question is, "Are we really the crazy ones? or are they actually ...
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Why winning the lottery can be seriously harmful to your health

by Leonard Smith Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Investing, Self Improvement
However, winning the lottery doesn't have to be harmful if you know what to do when you win... So, whether you may agree with me or not, winning the lottery is not always a good thing.Right now, you must be saying, "Are you crazy, Leonard? How can winning the lottery be a bad thing?" Or you have the opposite view and think that if you win the lottery, only bad things will happen. Well, I am here to say that winning the ...
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