Transformative Travel

by Malgorzata Sokolowska-Oczkowska Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Travel and Leisure, Self Improvement
Transformative travel has been recognized as a trend of 2017, replacing the experimental travel. This fact shows how incredible change of consciousness is currently taking place on our planet. The intention of the transformational travel is to generate change in perception through the observation of the world and self-reflection. This type of journey is an effective tool for developing consciousness, as individuals removed from their daily well-known comfort zone are confronted by new places, energies, ways of perceiving the world, events that ...
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Learn how to perceive the aura

by Malgorzata Sokolowska-Oczkowska Self Improvement
As we know, aura is an energetic field surrounding everything that is alive. Nowadays, scientists agree that everyone is surrounded by an energy field consisting of layers. But do you know that you can also learn how to perceive the aura? The first, ethereal layer of the aura is the easiest to see. Just a little practice. It is close to the body and emanates intense light. The second astral layer of the aura is more dispersed and occupies a larger area ...
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How to raise your vibration level

by Malgorzata Sokolowska-Oczkowska Health and Fitness, Self Improvement
I'd like to share with you a few ways to raise vibration level so please stay with me! Everything in the universe is energy that vibrates at a certain frequency. The frequency of vibration determines our well-being and the level of development of our consciousness. The higher the vibration frequency, the clearer is our perception and the greater the internal harmony. Sometimes staying in low vibration is a part of an important process that is used to enter a higher level. We should ...
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Quick test for your intuition

by Malgorzata Sokolowska-Oczkowska Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement, Communications, Reference and Education
In this short article I would like to share my story with you and invite you to do a quick test to check your intuition. First of all we have to define what intuition is. The word “intuition” comes from the Latin “intueri” - to watch, to observe. Our intuition is the voice of our internal wisdom and its goal is to guide us through life. As children of the Western civilisation we are trained to listen to our minds, not our intuition. ...
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Panic attacks as an awekening symptom.

by Malgorzata Sokolowska-Oczkowska Relationships, News and Society, Self Improvement
If you suffer from panic attacks do you ever consider that a panic attack can be an awekening symptom? I realise that this disorder can be caused by many factors so it is worth researching and seeking  different opinions. I recommend that you do if you suffer from panic attacks. In this article I will show you that this scary experience does't neccesserily mean that something is wrong with you. Now let me tell you my story. I was in a place where almost ...
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