Altering One's Perception Will Alter One's Chemistry!

by Marcus Jessop Self Improvement
11 daily steps toward radical remission of a state of Dis-ease to a state of Ease. "Motion begets emotion. Emotion begets motion" 1) Take herbs & supplements                    7) Be in charge of your life 2) Let go of negative thoughts & emotions       8) Meditate & quiet the mind 3) Focus on positive thoughts & emotions        9) Embrace inspired living 4) Embrace positive support                  ...
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My Spiritual Awakening

by Marcus Jessop Investing, Self Improvement, Communications
My 11:11 Spiritual Awakening “I Am That, I Am” 02/26/2016 A Short story of my awakening to who I am and why I am here. Which lead me to the discovery of the SFM community ( who have helped me find my path to a financially free lifestyle and much more... Prelude    As winter lingers in the beautiful State of Montana, on the night of 03/8/18. While I was in the zone of meditation and self-improvement. Awareness came to my mind and ...
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