What’s your end goal? – Part 2

by Martha Machado Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships, Communications
The other day a friend asked me: “What’s your end goal in building an online business?” I found that question funny. Because in my mind it was obvious the reason. But I guess it was not. So, I kept thinking. Many times, we do things in our lives that just seems obvious to us. In our minds, we are going: Isn’t it obvious why I am doing this? Guess what? It is not obvious. Communication is the most important skill needed in a social environment. And it is the ...
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Are you upset with things you cannot do?

by Martha Machado Business, Self Improvement
Do you often feel that you are not good at something? Are people telling you: “you did this wrong”, “you should have done this way or that way…”. Have you ever gotten home and your significant other complained because you forgot the milk they asked for? Have you ever been called to your boss’s office because a customer complained about you, or because you got 5 min late to work? Have you ever heard the sentence, you’re not good enough? Well, let me tell ...
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by Martha Machado Relationships, Self Improvement, Communications
I have a secret to share with you… This secret I actually learned (more in the sense of lived) it today… And the solution to get unstuck is this: Ask for help   I could end this blog right now… But allow me to explain.   Being stuck Do you know those moments where nothing more makes sense and you start doubting yourself? That`s right.. I was exactly there this morning. A while ago, I made a commitment with myself to achieve my dream (in this lifetime.. please!!!). And I would do ...
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What’s your end goal? – Part 1

by Martha Machado Self Improvement, Home and Family
Two years ago, I decided to move to the USA based on an opportunity my sister offered me. With her help, I began a new life here. But I had no idea what I was about to face.  Moving to another country there is something called “culture shock”. And boy, this thing hurts. For the first year, I would cry myself to sleep almost daily. Even though I wanted to go back like crazy, I couldn’t. My country was (still is) going through a ...
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