A belief that stopped me from being successful

by Martha Machado Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement
Once, I heard someone that I really admired say that some people were born to be leaders and others to be lead. He went on describing what he understood to be the characteristics of a leader: extrovert, surrounded by friends, the center of attention, talkative and always speak their mind. From all those characteristics, I had none. In fact, I was an extreme introvert. I had no friends. And, I would never give my true opinion, because of fears of what others ...
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Will you lose your job to robots?

by Martha Machado Computers and Technology, Internet and Businesses Online
If you are reading this then technology has changed your life completely. I remember when I was growing up, and my sister had moved to another country. We would only get news from her maybe, once a month, through letters. My family and I, every day would be waiting outside the house for the mailman expecting a letter from my sister so we would know how she was doing. And if there was no letter from her, then we would write her ...
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What are you afraid of?

by Martha Machado Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement
We all have fears. We all struggle with something that seems greater than us. But I’m gonna tell you how we can overcome it. Working for yourself Why is it easier to do something for others, than it is to do something for yourself? I ask this question every time I sit to work on my personal project. It amazes me that when I am in my 8-5pm work, giving my all for someone else’s dream I don’t even question. I blindly follow ...
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What’s your end goal? – Part 2

by Martha Machado Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships, Communications
The other day a friend asked me: “What’s your end goal in building an online business?” I found that question funny. Because in my mind it was obvious the reason. But I guess it was not. So, I kept thinking. Many times, we do things in our lives that just seems obvious to us. In our minds, we are going: Isn’t it obvious why I am doing this? Guess what? It is not obvious. Communication is the most important skill needed in a ...
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Are you upset with things you cannot do?

by Martha Machado Business, Self Improvement
Do you often feel that you are not good at something? Are people telling you: “you did this wrong”, “you're not good enough." Well, let me tell you. You are probably NOT good enough indeed. Okay, Okay! Before you get mad at me. Let me explain. We are not good at everything. There is always something we are weak at. And that is fine. Imagine if everyone was great at the same things?. That would be awful. In fact, it is actually good ...
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by Martha Machado Relationships, Self Improvement, Communications
I have a secret to share with you… This secret I actually learned/lived it today… And the solution to get unstuck is this: Ask for help I could end this blog right now…  But allow me to explain. Being Stuck Do you know those moments where nothing more makes sense and you start doubting yourself? That`s right... I was exactly there this morning. A while ago, I made a commitment to myself to achieve my dream (in this lifetime.. please!!!). And I would do whatever it took ...
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What’s your end goal? – Part 1

by Martha Machado Self Improvement, Home and Family
Two years ago, I decided to move to the USA based on an opportunity my sister offered me. With her help, I began a new life here. But I had no idea what I was about to face.  Moving to another country there is something called “culture shock”. And boy, this thing hurts. For the first year, I would cry myself to sleep almost daily. Even though I wanted to go back like crazy, I couldn’t. My country was (still is) going through a ...
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