Act before it's too late don't miss an opportunity

by Mary Crawford Business, Computers and Technology, Investing
How Many times have we said " I wish I had.... by Anna Johansson (Freelance writer) There are always times when we say hindsight is an amazing thing, but it's actually a really sad thing and sorry thing. Many would be entrepreneurs have missed golden opportunities that would have changed their lives, only to miss out on that opportunity that was in their grasp and they let it go. Anna Johansson a freelance writer tells us about some of the famous ones that missed ...
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Workplace Stress affects 73% of Employees

by Mary Crawford Computers and Technology, Internet and Businesses Online, Communications
Did you now that Workplace Stress affects 73% of Employees? by Reporter Sarah-Jane Tasker Most Australian workers are stressed at work and many believe their employers had the responsibility to combat the issue, in an emerging trend driven by millennials. A new workplace survey has revealed 73 per cent of workers are stressed about work and stressed workers are 2½ times more likely to look for a new job in the next year than those who are not stressed. The survey also shows 85 ...
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Making a living working from home

by Mary Crawford Business, Computers and Technology, Home Based Business
Creating Freedom in Your life We see freedom in many ways.  However, freedom is the ‘power or right to act speak or think as one wants.’  It can also refer to the ‘state of not being imprisoned or enslaved’, either of these definitions allows us to escape from institutionalised ideas. We grow up, go to school and at 17 years old or younger expect to know what we will do for a living and by the way, for the rest of our ...
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