by Melody Abbott Relationships, News and Society, Communications
Being bullied from work is a Detrimental to each individual Common problem in every work places, is that More and more  people suffering. Why there is some  people are just cannot concentrate on their work Why there is some people think they are clever and better than anybody Why there is some people like to upset somebody and they celebrate when their target got upset. I cannot understand of why this kind of people do exist in this world so Wickered! Peoples Whos been victimised of ...
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by Melody Abbott Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Communications
It's so Hard when we are in the path of Mediocre life it's so sad and Depressing. lots of people around the world experiencing and suffering from Mediocre, a lot of us grow up with wrong beliefs in life and it's keeps passing into Generation to Generation.Some other country's Suffering from lack of food, shelter and medicines. While some people has the best of their lives, Specially when they were born with a parents who are aware of their thoughts and know ...
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Online Job

by Melody Abbott Business, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online
Have you ever wanted to work in you're comfortable home, in you're own time and no uniform required? A lot of people desired to work from home because it's handy No Driving, no commuting, and no colleague. and the best part of it is you can spend time around with you're Little ones. Working from home is my always Preferred work to do in my life, Because you don't need to work with different colleagues or annoying Boss. I always wanted to be my ...
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by Melody Abbott Computers and Technology, Internet and Businesses Online, Communications
Have you been Scammed before, while looking for money making online?? Will me yeah! And it's Breaks my heart. All I want is to find a Honest decent online income then I got caught in this promising site that not even helpful at all, the money that been go through that I even work so hard flew into the air. But hey! It's not end of the world as there is always a hope, I didn't give up at all even tho it's ...
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Sweet Potato Que

by Melody Abbott Business, Communications, Food and Drink
I love to cook , Specially when I make it perfect. This food called a Sweet Potato Que that fried and coated with yummy melted brown Sugar.  It's a famous Street food in the Philippines that every Filipino favourite afternoon snack on their Break time. I have learned to cook this yummy snack from my late mom. We had a small eatery (Maruya)business in my native language in Davao that my mum use to cook every afternoon, with some other snack to ...
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Match and Un-Match Friends

by Melody Abbott Relationships, Book Reviews, Communications
Having a large group of friends can be so fun But in order to have a strong healthy happy friendship got to have a good match of their wants, likes, and sense of humour just like finding a life partner to marry Or  a Soul Friend. Yes indeed... lets say you have 10-20 groups of friends then after few years of being friends each of you starting and slowly coming out they're true attitudes some are just kinda go with the flow (which ...
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