Get yourself to that place

by Roger Metcalf Home Based Business, Health and Fitness, Self Improvement
When you look back on your life I am sure, like me you can pinpoint an event, meeting a certain person or an experience that had a great effect on you, a deep meaningful effect that forced you to take action ? For me personally this has happened several times to date. Hi everyone its Roger again and today I would like to spend a little time talking about those events in your life that make you STOP, RE-THINK and RE-EVALUATE ...
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A strange series of events !

by Roger Metcalf Self Improvement
What strange series of events brought us to this place in time ? A question that often springs to mind as we go through life, experiencing the many and unusual things that arise from our actions and interactions with others. Hi everyone, Roger from Nudgepositive here, just wanted to share some thoughts with you today on that wonderful thing we call life. This journey we are all on can seem hard to figure out sometimes ,can't it ? Quite often the things ...
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