Symptoms of Dementia in Aging Parents

by Robin Owen Health and Fitness, Home and Family
Age and Dementia Unfortunately many of our parents may develop dementia when they get to a certain age. For me, this was when my mother reached her late 80's. I'm guessing, though, that she probably had early stages of dementia for a while before we saw there was something actually wrong, rather than the forgetfulness which we usually associate with old age. Symptoms of Dementia On talking to friends whose parents had also developed dementia, we all observed these common symptoms which developed ...
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Your dreams are unique to you - stay focused on them

by Robin Owen Self Improvement
Your dreams are unique to you Here's the thing about dreams. Your dreams are unique to you. If you have them, and you don't act upon them, they have a funny habit of reminding you they are still there. You may try and smother them but they won't really go away. This reminder may be via something you come across in a book or a movie, or a random conversation you have. Or maybe it's when you hear about someone else ...
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What to do if you are bored or in a rut

by Robin Owen Health and Fitness, Self Improvement, Communications
Are you feeling bored or in a rut? The chances are that if you're feeling bored or in a rut it could be because you haven't learned anything new lately. If we get stuck in a rut where we feel like we're part of the movie "Groundhog Day" it usually means it's time for us to start engaging the brain again. Amazing things start happening when we are learning, whether it's a new skill or acquiring new knowledge. Without realizing it, we ...
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Are you worried about what others think of you?

by Robin Owen Relationships, Self Improvement
Are you worried about what others think of you? If you are, you're not alone. We are, after all, social creatures and with or without realising it, we genuinely seek the approval of others. Whether it's family, friends, colleagues or even people we don't know we are always trying to portray ourselves in a certain way to the world. So what happens when we decide we want to change something about ourselves? Whether it be an internal or external part of who ...
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Creating an online business starts with knowing yourself

by Robin Owen Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement
Who are you? We all like to think we know who we are. However once you start with a new venture such as creating an online business you really start to look long and hard at who you are, your beliefs, your skills, your abililities ... and sometimes your beliefs about yourself really get questioned. There have been times throughout my journey of creating an online business when I have spent time questioning my abilities and sometimes when we are faced with a ...
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5 Tips to help you cope with being made redundant

by Robin Owen Business, Self Improvement
Redundancy and how to cope.   Not so long ago I found myself out of work after being made redundant. As this had also happened to me a few years before I knew what to expect so managed to stay calm throughout the experience (surprisingly calm in fact which is interesting). My redundancy was part of a corporate restructure so I didn't take it personally! It is easy to go into panic mode when you get made redundant which is only natural, but ...
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Walking the Camino de Santiago

by Robin Owen Travel and Leisure, Recreation and Sports
What is the Camino de Santiago? The Camino de Santiago, or the Camino as it is commonly known, translates in English as the Way of St James. There are many routes under the Camino umbrella and they all finish in Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain. These ancient pilgrimages came about as it was believed that the remains of the apostle St James are buried in Santiago. People walk the Camino for a number of reasons; be it religious, spiritual, recreational, fitness or ...
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