Food Equals Nutrition... Agree?

by Sally McGrath Health and Fitness, Self Improvement, Food and Drink
What you put in you get out?  We want to help you understand how simple holistic nutrition can be, through a list of simple food swaps to incorporate into your diet. This will help make the transition into your improved lifestyle a lot easier - and the best part is these easy swaps are both nutritious and delicious! These are just a few easy swaps to get started with, but to give you a broader idea of what has the potential to ...
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I'm Sooooo Busy...

by Sally McGrath Health and Fitness, Self Improvement, Home and Family
“I’m so busy, I’m so busy…I have so much going on”. OR “I’m so busy, I’m so busy…I have so much to do”.  How many times a day do you hear that? You start with a simple question... “How are you?” and how often is it met with “OMG! I am sooooooooooooo busy, it’s just crazy”. It’s not just the adults, the kids days are scheduled with so many activities, the days of playing together after school are long gone. In some extreme cases, people ...
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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

by Sally McGrath Health and Fitness, Self Improvement, Reference and Education
New Place - New Fixtures and Fittings Recently I moved to a new property. Moving presents multiple challenges and will test the patience of even the most kindred spirits, as I am sure many of you can relate to! The move I embraced as a fresh start in a great new space. The property has all that I need to live comfortably, its safe, well located, pet friendly, has parking, is very close to public transport and amenities... so what more would ...
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That Was Then This Is NOW!

by Sally McGrath Relationships, Self Improvement, Reference and Education
A Priceless Gem with A Huge Heart Chloe is a true diamond of a friend – you know the one that is always there with a kind word, a warm hug or a meal when friend is in need. A priceless gem – of a friend, I am so fortunate to know and have in my life. She has an incredible energy that just works – when you need energy she just seems to share it and when you need kindness ...
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How Do YOU Determine Financial Stability?

by Sally McGrath Business, Investing, Self Improvement
Ten Years On... Life Post GFC It is ten years - yes a decade on from the biggest global financial shakeup seen since the great depression. The world was educated about the antics that were coming to light and highlighted the range of questionable economic decisions, reckless lending protocol to consumers and institutions and to say the very least irresponsible and foolish behaviour that demonstrated how greed, money and power combined were a frightening force that almost brought the global economy ...
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Nine to Five – No More...

by Sally McGrath Business, Self Improvement, Book Reviews
A prediction from 1930 John Maynard Keyes predicted in 1930 that the working week would be reduced to 15 hours within a century.  It is now 2017, almost 90 years on and not a lot has changed - if anything people are working the same or longer hours with no signs of a change in pace. If anything, capitalism has supported the development of new jobs that are more meaningless.  It is time to stop and redefine what work really is.   What ...
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Its Monday Folks – Ready for Change Yet?

by Sally McGrath Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement
The Daily Grind... A Story In Pictures!                    Good Morning Its Monday! "Alarm goes off, time to wake up, jump in the shower, brush your teeth, get dressed, comb your hair, rush to the bus stop, train stop, into the car... you may have even had a chance to grab breakfast or a coffee on the run!"  Sound a little (too) familiar? Is It Time for Change? Are you open to a new way of working that actually ...
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Round Peg into Square Hole Equals Entrepreneur!

by Sally McGrath Business, Home Based Business, Self Improvement
Do you ever think you are the “round peg trying to fit or conform to the Square Hole?” YES!   You are not alone and it’s more than ok. You Are Unique  You are born unique and with a personality that is totally and utterly you – there are no two personalities the same – even in identical twins! Think about this ... what happens is - we all go through this “conditioning”- to be a good child, study hard, get a good ...
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How Many Buckets are you Carrying?

by Sally McGrath Relationships, Home and Family, Kids and Teens
Life as you know it is made up of buckets. You know, those elements of life: Work, Children, Partners, Wives, Husbands, Relationships, Health and Fittness, Friends, Family, Money ... most of you could add many more buckets to these mentioned here. Take a moment to consider how many buckets you are carrying... Can you relate to this scenario? ...You are at work but feeling guilty that you really need to spend more time with your children. The thought goes through your mind – ...
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Excuse Me I want to scream!

by Sally McGrath Business, Home Based Business, Self Improvement
Have you experienced the desire to scream in a public place when the whole place is so quiet or lifeless? Not in a scary movie or at a naughty child - simply at a life scenario that is "screamworthy"!  Here is a story that has inspired me to seek out alternatives, evaluate work and life, educate myself, grow as an individual and take these experiences to share, encourage and inspire others to take action, all of this during a recent commuter ...
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