Self Awareness - The Emotions of Frustration and Confusion

by Paul Sartorius Self Improvement, Reference and Education, Writing and Speaking
As part of my High 5 habits daily, I try to reflect on everything I am grateful for at the beginning of the day, this sets me up for filling my mind and being with gratitude, and I believe it attracts more of what you are grateful for. It's why being thankful is such a powerful habit. I love Wayne Dyers saying - that transformation can happen in a moment if you change the thoughts you think and the words you ...
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The Tribes We Lead by Seth Godin

by Paul Sartorius News and Society, Self Improvement, Writing and Speaking
Came across the Ted Talk by Seth Godin, and found the material to be fascinating. Here were some of the key takeaways for marketers: 1. Tribes of people that get together around a cause, have the potential to change the world.  2. "Its tribes, not money, not factories that can change our world, change politics and align large numbers of people. Now we assemble tribes who tell tribes who can then change things in the world worth changing. It becomes a movement." A tribe involves ...
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Internet habits for entrepreneurs - habit number 3 - Facebook advertising

by Paul Sartorius Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement
Having a content outcome, knowing what type of customer you are targetting, your target audience, then taking action around advertising. One of the best platforms available is Facebook, with audience targeting, and over 2 billion users, it is one of best and possibly cheapest ways to build your community. Gavin Bell manages to do it on $1 a day for video posts... Today’s material has come from mastermind Tyler Anderson’s interview with Gavin Bell. I’ve chosen this particular topic and found the ...
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High 5 Habits for Internet Entrepreneurs

by Paul Sartorius Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement
1. Set goals that inspire you...mine are to share the High 5 Habits system, and to get a target audience on Facebook that will resonate with the values and principals I'm personally integrating into my own system. 2.Stay curious, keep learning so you have something to share with others. 3. Take action - post content, advertise, get feedback and start conversations daily with your target audience. 4. Teach others what you are learning. This integrates the task you are learning, and serves as ...
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Habit 3 - Taking Action

by Paul Sartorius Computers and Technology, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement
Habit 3 - blog, post, advertise, take action.... I use the Digital Bloggers platform, along with repurposing content using Powerpoint, then cross posting this to my Sartor Sales and Training Facebook page where I can boost a post for as little as R20 in order to reach 1200 people within my extended network... Once I've finished my blog for the day, I copy the URL link and drop it into a Facebook and vice versa
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5 Steps to Success

by Paul Sartorius Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement, Reference and Education
1. Invest time in yourself, learning from reading inspirational material, listening to interesting podcasts and writing in your journal. Get inspired, list your ideas, break them down into small capacity builders.  2. Evaluate your options, select one, schedule it into your planner. 3. Take action, post, call someone, advertise. 4. Evaluate your results and be prepared to change your actions to set new goals to move toward. Goal setting is like this, as you take action and make adjustments, things become clearer. Don't be ...
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How to create a password for a system that you can remember?

by Paul Sartorius Computers and Technology, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online
Step 1: Your favorite color - Green Step 2: The platform that you are using ie. Amazon, Gmail Step 3: The year of your spouse or child's birthday Step 4: End with a hash or special character that only you use. For example # or @ or & sign So for example  Greengmail84# -  This will help you remember all your passwords. Good luck
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The Spirit of Entrepreneurship

by Paul Sartorius Self Improvement, Reference and Education, Writing and Speaking
I believe one of the ways that we invoke the spirit of entrepreneurship, is being consistant with a few habits. To read, write, listen and watch something inspirational - all of these things, when done consistantly, have the ability to integrate your mind, body, and spirit so that you can express your truth. Your wholeness, holyness - if you could call it that. This doesn't necessarily happen overnight, but over a period of time, when we consistantly apply a routine, a ...
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Positive habits

by Paul Sartorius Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Health and Fitness, Self Improvement, Home and Family, Reference and Education
One of the habits I am working on is investing more time with my daughter Abigail, who is 9 years old. She is up for anything, and loves to go surfing with dad. Not easy moving to a cold climate when you are used to Kwazulu Natal Durban beach weather. Thank goodness for taped wetsuits, as Cape Town water is cold. Habit Stacking Robyn my wife recently went on a conference where she was taught about laughing yoga...I never heard anything so ...
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Simplify - Dealing with Overwhelm

by Paul Sartorius Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Reference and Education
I've just listened to Naheem and Danielle on a marketing workshop, and felt that this would be a great time for me to summarise my own learning around this. I've mentioned the 5 step process in a few of my blogs, and felt here's another opportunity to outline what is involved here, which really comes back down to the 5 habits we are taught daily. 1. Define your niche, target market, goals, and get in touch with your feelings around what is ...
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Habit Stacking

by Paul Sartorius Health and Fitness, Self Improvement, Reference and Education
As part of an ongoing journalling/accountability exercise I thought it best to structure my blog around some of the habits I am incorporating into my daily schedule, to keep me focussed and on track with my learn, do and teach principals. As mentioned in a previous blog, this is an area I am really challenged in, and what I am learning is rather than beat myself up for not having a solution, the best approach is to admit it, and ...
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My First Blog Post

by Paul Sartorius Computers and Technology, Home Based Business, Self Improvement, Reference and Education
I thought the best place to start would be a bit about myself. Having just moved to Cape Town from Durban, and with that having to move 4 times in the last 5 weeks has been a bit hectic to say the least. Regardless, I've been consistant with logging into the Six Figure Mentor platform for a few reasons. 1. Its  been a source of inspiration from learning new things. 2. I've been growing and transforming personally and professionally being part of ...
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