writing just for the joy of writing

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It is Sunday afternoon. The sounds of a summer afternoon are chirping away in the background. Spotify is streaming sounds to match the mood of silent contemplation I am allowing myself just for now - to be writing just for the joy of writing.

When you have the intention of providing engaging content to a growing audience there is a process of intellectual decision making around the topics, mood, language and tone of what you want to communicate to the world. When you want to ensure that you are consistent in your message and that you are adding value in some way it can sometimes tend towards structure rather than flow. To experience writing just for the joy of writing you have to be willing to be guided by the words themselves and let them decide their own sense of direction.


When an artist paints and is truly in the flow of inspiration they are allowing themselves to be the vessel, to be the witness of what comes through them rather than trying to own what is done by them. Writing just for the joy of writing is much the same. It's a letting go of all preconceived ideas and gaining a sense of detachment from the outcome. In some respects it is a letting go of control. In the right state of mind this can be a truly freeing experiencing - being an extension of the tools rather than the decision maker of how it should all come together.

The music is playing and the insects are chirping.  The smell of fresh baked cheese bread is in the air.  I’m thinking that a nice fresh piece of fruit would go down well soon.  I’m also thinking forward to the evening meal when my husband has come home from work.. But mostly - just for now I am allowing myself go along for the ride and enjoy writing just for the JOY of writing.  

“Writing for the sake of writing, writing that draws its credibility from its very existence” - Julia Cameron, The Right to Write: An Invitation and Initiation into the Writing Life

Whatever it is that you do - especially if it’s those things that draw on your own creativity and talents,  allow yourself the moment to do them just for the sake of doing them.  Let go of the outcome.  Let go of the need to have anything be anything other than a moment is time, in flow, in peace, free and easy.  Doing it Just for the joy of doing it.