14 of the best crime drama shows to watch on Netflix

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Love crime dramas as much as me? I have watched all of the Netflix series below, every single episode, and I can confirm they are all almost impossible to stop watching! Please let me know if you agree in the comments. I would love your feedback.



John Luther, a Detective in the British Serious Crimes Unit and the title character, is played brilliantly by Idris Elba. It also helps that he has just been named Sexiest Man Alive 2018. Luther is committed to the job to the point of becoming obsessive. He also has tendencies towards violence that end up getting him into trouble. Well worth the watch with four series out already and the fifth coming in 2019.


This show will totally screw with your head and could well make you have crazy dreams but it is one of the best crime shows ever. Marcella is a former London Detective who returns to the force to investigate a serial killer who appears to be active again after 11 years. This show will lead you on the craziest journey in which you won’t know who to trust. Don’t give this show a miss! 


The Fall

Even if it is just for the Northern Ireland accent, this series needs to be on your playlist. Taking a new perspective, The Fall, follows Jamie Doran, as Paul Spector, a serial killer. Gillian Anderson also stars as Stella Gibson, a detective who is brought in to solve the case. The relationship that develops between these two gets interesting.

The Break

Don’t let the French subtitles put you off, this crime drama is hard to stop watching. Yoann Peeters, a police detective, moves from Brussels with his teenage daughter back to the small town he grew up in. Soon after he arrives there is a suspected suicide of a young African football player but Peeters suspects all is not as it seems. He ends up discovering quite a few interesting dark truths about the town.


The Killing

Based on a Danish television series, this crime drama is set in rainy Seattle. A great location for creepy murder investigations. It follows Detective’s Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder as they work to solve gruesome cases. Both with interesting backgrounds and different ways of doing things, they manage to form a loyal partnership. A very addictive series!

Line of Duty

This is one of my favourite cop shows. A British BBC television series, it follows police in AC 12, an anti-corruption unit. It is brilliantly written, hard to predict and will have you on the edge of your seat. Although, I need to add a warning, it is almost impossible not to keep pressing ‘next episode’ even when it is getting late into the night.



Safe is a story that follows a recently widowed surgeon who is struggling to raise his two daughters on his own. Despite living in an affluent, gated neighbourhood, his oldest daughter goes missing. As the story progresses, dark secrets are revealed about the people living in the community. There are so many twists and turns in this mystery. You will be disappointed there is only one season.


Richard Madden plays war veteran David Budd who is assigned to be the bodyguard for the home secretary when he finds work as a police sergeant. It is position that comes with its challenges given the home secretary, Rt. Hon. Julia Montague MP, is well known for her controversial policies. The Bodyguard will have you hooked from the first episode.

Alias Grace

Based on a novel by Margaret Atwood, this mini series follows the story of Grace Marks, a Northern Irish immigrant to Canada. She is accused of murdering her employer and his house keeper and is sentenced to life in prison. A young American doctor is brought in to study her mind and determine whether she should be pardoned on grounds of insanity. The story Grace tells becomes even creepier when you find out it is based on a true story.


What seems like a random murder of a pizza delivery man, turns into a dark story of the London underworld. Investigated by Detective Kip Glaspie (played by Carey Mulligan), she refuses to stop until she has solved the case. The only bad thing about this thriller is there is just four episodes.


Right from the first episode, Ozark draws you into a world you never knew existed. Marty Byrde moves his family to the Ozarks to pay off a debt to a Mexican drug lord. He must launder $500 million in five years in order to please the cartel. Unable to find a way out, Marty ends up implicating his whole family as they fall further and further into the criminal underworld. 


This television series is set in the 1970’s with two FBI agents interviewing convicted serial killers to determine how their minds work. This is so they can use the information to delve into the psyche of other serial killers to solve their crimes. Based on the true crime book, Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit, the characters are actually playing real serial killers from the past. A very engaging series!

The Sinner

The first season of The Sinner stars Jessica Biel as a young mother who stabs a man to death on a lakeside picnic for no apparent reason. As the story unfolds you find out about her troubled past and why she has suppressed her memory. Detective Harry Ambrose goes out of his way to find out what made her do it. This is why, in season two, he is brought in to determine why a 13 year old boy poisons his parents. It is hard not to keep watching in one go, you just have to find out why they did it.


Bloodline is a story of adult siblings who find their secrets from the past rearing their ugly head. This is triggered when their brother, the black sheep of the family, returns to work at the family business. This thriller will keep you guessing all the way, well worth the watch.

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