5 Offline Ads And Billboards That Either Make Me Laugh or Make Me Wanna Cry!

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Before I let out my thoughts and feelings, hopes and wishes around Offline Ads and Billboards, please allow me to first thank the creative and blessed creators - I don't know who they are and I won't name any brands here - for inspiring my own writing. Wether it's songwriting or online ad writing.

Still I would love to never see any type of Billboards out there that either consume too much energy (electric powers) or are made from paper (trees) or both.

I'm sure you could come up with some more things that make them environment unfriendly and unsustainable. Oh - good chicken poo - I know we are much smarter than we perform right now, aren't we?billboards

Almost everyone today is able to search for products online via smartphones - so why are we flooding more paper and plastic junk to our streets?

The truth is that many offline ads really make it to catch my attention, not only because many sit on the exact same spots once in a while or the other week(s), but also and many of the times promote the same brand.

3 Types of Offline Ads/Billboards that make me wanna cry out loud

1. Pretty women or Pretty Men

Everyone is looking awesome! Permanently judging the books that we are?

No, thanks.

If I am forced to identify myself with person A hanging on the wall for product B than I still think: I know someone who is more attractive to me...)

What perfect shape do we want to create for the human being for the year 3000 using images of ourselves in the main run?

2. New movies coming out

C'mon - before I see your Ad I already know where and when to watch it.(* applies here in a matching manner)

3. New Concerts *

In a nutshell: all ads that only want me to consume something!

The companies should spend on targeted online advertising instead.

I still can decide to go online or not - to buy or not to buy that is A question....

Yeah! Now lets jump right on to those that make my heart jump and make me laugh & feel happy:

2 Types of Offline Ads/Billboards that make me Laugh & Feel Happy

1. Ads that:

tell me to keep my environment clean because I'm not the only one using the street, bus stop, train station...

(the list of public places I could potentially leave in a mess, would be far too long for a single post - this would be and you guessed it: The Tiny e-Book of All Public Place To Keep Clean So That Everyone Can Enjoy D'em Beauty ;) People still look strange at me picking up plastic garbage that isn't mine... But I heard about Joggers taking bags with them while jogging to INCLUDE picking up garbage as a bonus workout and moment to relax - THANK YOU GUYS AND GALS!!!

2. Ads and offline Billboards that show me:

people of all colors working for the company xyz

Wishing all the best Joy, PEACE and Healthiness all the way in your life!

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