5 secrets of sleep you may not be aware of

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We all sleep, but yet we don’t care for it and take it for granted. In an eight hour performance, Max Richter uncovers the hidden gems of it: the intimacy, the underlying emotions and the vulnerability that makes us human. This weekend at the International Documentary Festival I saw the film Max Richter’s Sleep about this undertaking. It made make think: do I care about my sleep enough? And do we all in general? These are 5 reasons why you should sleep more:

1) Your memory is improved. While you sleep you digest what you learned during the day. So if you learn a language in the morning you know it better than the day before.

2) Creativity is stimulated. While you sleep your brain directs more to the unconscious. This is the source of creativity. So it makes sense to sleep more.

3) Sleep lowers stress. Relaxation and sleep are very interrelated. It is said that sleeping lowers blood pressure. Even cholesterol levels are effected which plays an important role in heart diseases.

4) Sleep helps to reduce depressive feelings. When you sleep little depression can due to feelings of anxiety become present. That’s why a good night’s sleep is important for an overall feeling of wellbeing.

5) Sleep is important when you want to lose weight. Metabolism and sleep are situated in the same part of the brain. And when you are sleeping you tend to be more hungry.

I think I gave reasons enough to sleep more often. At least I am aware now that if I care more my life can be more peaceful. So whether it’s morning or evening I wish you a good night’s sleep.

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