7 Steps To Improve Your Drawing Topics

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Hello Everyone,

This week with my sketches I have focused in on legs.  Which has led me to write about 7 septs to improve your drawing topics.

The week prior I found myself struggling with legs, I would do one leg pretty much perfect but the other leg…not so much.  There would always be something a bit off with it wether it was perspective or shape or just off balance in someway.  It’s a bit like eyes or the 3/4 face view, one side is always better than the other.

                        7 Steps To Improve Your Drawing Topics

Select What Naturally Occurs To You

What I did was pick something that I could see needed improving and spend some time focusing on it. It occurred to me that this was what I had been doing previously without realising it.  I was naturally progressing my self improvement.

What Did I Do

I looked up some reference photo’s on Pinterest which is my favourite reference platform and selected leg poses to draw and just copied them. I also used my art and fashion illustration books too.  This process helped me to get more confident with the shapes and lines.  The bit I still need to work on is angles of the leg when it’s turned in or outwards especially at the knee joint. So I will carry on with that for this next week.

7 Steps to Improve Your Drawing Topics

  • As you draw you will naturally see things your are good at and not so good at.  Select just one thing you are not so good at that you want to improve e.g. eyes or feet.
  • Select some reference photo’s online and print them out or images from books of that area.
  • Spend some time tracing them, this will help you get a feel for the shapes and lines.  Personally this helped me to  get more confident in my pencil strokes, they became more fluid.
  • Then try drawing one of the images and then do another and another.
  • Try different angles and images and just keep repeating and you will get a flow and a rhythm together.
  • Then try a drawing of a more complete image e.g. if you were practicing just noses, now try doing the whole face and you will see how much better it looks overall.
  • Rinse and repeat for any area you want to improve on.

Those are my tips and I have been doing this without even realising it, and now I have I see the value in practicing in this way. You get a feel for the lines and shapes.

I hope you have found this helpful and to see my sketches for the week head on over to my Instagram page @zoebadgerart.

Happy Sketching


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