Article Writing An Art Form In Itself Plus My Number One Things Helping Me To Write A New Article!

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In the first part of this post I will try to question if article writing is an art form.

Later on I will give you a quick insights on what I found out to be the number one thing(s) for me to start writing a new article!

You will also not find an image in this article - to help myself to just focus on writing:)

Is Article Writing An Art Form?

In my opinion: YES!


First of all being able to transform thoughts into text in any format is not an ordinary or natural action processed by the human being.

Coughing may is and can be suppressed to certain points, but if your body really need to you'll find a place to stop suppressing body signals!

Writing is something that many of us can make use whenever we want and helps many of us to pay bills.

Sometimes it's not easy for me to hear people not recognizing or forgetting about how much they write in there jobs - being massively creative with cracking ideas out of thin air:)

You guys and gals are artists from my point of view!

Another fact: Many people still would love to write, but they are not allowed to do so.

What thing in the world can't be more an art form that you want somebody not to use it?

I also believe that article writing has become a bigger used art form and is being recognized as such these days, because people like me don't have to find publishers to express their thoughts, tips or inventions, visions - the list could go on - any longer, because of the many blogging platforms available online.

Survival is an art form by itself and because of this I want to respect any person I meet.

I also admire people for writing down their thoughts and experiences, days have gone (in most parts of our first big and home spaceship we share called earth) where people could only transport survival tips by "Talking to The Child!".

Things That Kicked Me To Write!

I wrote my first article for the digital bloggers platform after watching only about 20 minutes of the stealth marketing workshop video recording that is about 4 hours in length (04:07:05 to be exact) I came to this in Module 5 of the Essential Membership of SFM's Online Business Startup Training and it belongs to the Essential Curriculum, Part 1.

The free training wanted me to write all about what I've learned. but I "muted" my websites until I learned more.

The tips given inside this workshop kick in to me so much that I want to write an article immediatly.
I am so blessed to get this kick and even more blessed to being able to listen to the mentors and creators of this platform so that I also decided to write this post to inspire as many people as possible to start writing about what comes to mind!

Another Thing That Also Kicks Me To Write An Article

Opening My Eyes And Ears

Just looking around me - the place I live in gives me a tremendous feedback!

The windows for example allow me to think of a better world people live in and reminds me about what experiences my parents shared with me or I am able to share with when I visit them the next time!

The TV Set talks back to me saying: "Great that you don't s with me on too many times-it's okay that you sometimes pick up some ordinary news... and watch dvd's or old but goodie movies with your love only;)

What sounds are accessable for my brain right now can I turn them into words - did you ever write only about one noise or sweet tone? 

Closing My Eyes or Ears

The last things my brain kept in memory - everything that surrounds me in that moment

These images then can be easily exchanged with something in my deeper memory - anything?

Peoples Faces, Smiles that... , My last Holiday has been..., Birthday Parties that went..., Concerts I've..., the road to xyz was ...

I don't want to exceed this post but hope it could inspire your own article writing a little bit!

PEACE and LOVE for you and the ones you love!

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