Is SEO The Best Way To Optimize Your Website?

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Nowadays, People live in the digital world, and online business is one of the fastest-growing trends of this era. It is estimated that more than 85% of people search for products over the internet before finalizing the deal in B2B business. Statista report claims that by 2021, the online businesses will reach up to $4.5 trillion.

The digital marketing also influences on sales of local retailers or stores. As per the LSA-Acquisio report, about 75% of searches related to online purchase results in visits to stores and about 30% of these visits make purchases.

However, launching an online business or store is simple, but it is challenging to get desired outputs within due time. To carry out a successful online business, brands have to take advantage of SEO for strong output both for the present and future.

It is a type of Online marketing for small businesses. Brands who never try to take advantage of SEO may have to bear the loss in business. Because they only get few or no customers if they don’t optimize their website as per search engine rules.

In the past decade, many manufacturing companies switch their human labor with robotic technology, and they don’t need human force anymore for their business. From car painting to handle the store items, robots are available.

No doubt, robotic technology is useful for getting higher quality results, but it will also increase the unemployment ratio. The expected number of robots hired could be 150K in 2020, and it goes up to 400K in 2030. Every addition of a robot in the industry increases the unemployment rate by up to 0.5%.

Today, we will let you know about SEO marketing and discuss the core points of SEO that helps you in getting the high number of customers from search engine results.

 What is SEO?
 SEO is a short term of “Search Engine Optimization” that consists of a set of rules for optimizing the website. As a result, the site can get higher rankings in the results of search engines and getting organic traffic.

The traffic drives from search engine results are also known as organic traffic. The more organic traffic results in higher sales and more profit. But it is only possible if your website achieves the place on the first page of search engine results.

SEO describes a strategy, and it includes almost all the core components of website building and content development.

SEO is a broad term, and therefore, it is divided into three parts for effective results.

Technical SEO
On-page SEO
Off-page SEO

Let’s take a brief introduction to all three terms.


1.    Technical SEO
It is the first part of SEO and is used to configure the settings of the website as per the search engine rules and requirements. In this part, you don’t have to tackle the content or promotion methods.

Instead, it is the way to inform the search engine crawler about the presence of the website so that your site can get importance and higher rankings in the search engine results.

Usually, once you perform technical SEO perfectly, there are bright chances that you don’t need to tackle them again. Conversely, if search engine crawlers feel any problem or hurdle during crawling, it will create a negative impact on search engine rankings.

 2.    On-page SEO
This part of SEO deals with content along with other elements present on the website page. The main reason behind of On-page SEO is to provide enough signals to search engine crawlers so that they can understand the purpose and context of the website.

Because search engine crawlers aren’t capable of reading the website content like humans; therefore, they need signals to figure out the purpose of the website. In this part, you have to deal with SEO keywords, title optimization, internal links, headings, website structure, and some other techniques. These are helpful to provide reliable signals to search engine crawlers.

In the past, the main focus of On-page SEO was to deal with keywords, but nowadays, content is the most important thing for getting higher rankings.

Keywords are a set of single or more words that internet users type on search engines for getting specific results. No doubt, the use of proper keywords is still important, but the content is on the top of the list. Therefore, always ensure the presence of high-quality content on the website that describes the purpose very well.

If you follow On-Page SEO rules appropriately, you can get useful outputs and rank your website on the top of search engine results.

3.    Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is the final part of SEO and is very important to improve the ranking of the website with the help of off-site techniques. This part of SEO deals with website Backlinks from other websites over the internet. These are also known as external backlinks.

The primary purpose of backlinks is to show the strength and relation of the website with another website available over the internet. Search engines preferred websites with a higher number of backlinks with other sites.


The following are some ways through which you can make backlinks.

Blog Directories
Forum Signatures
Article Directories
Content sharing directories
Link exchange systems
Social media sharing
But always keep in mind that search engines only prefer the backlinks from websites that have high DA and PA. If you create backlinks with sites with a low reputation, it can create a negative impact on top rankings.


Different SEO terms
There are various terms that you can see while carrying out SEO. Below are some important terms for your understanding.

·        SERP
SERP is abbreviated as “Search Engine Results Page,” and this refers to the listing of results displayed by search engines as a response to queries or keywords. Although these pages also include some other components, i.e., advertisements

·        CTR
You can see the CTR term when you carry out an advertisement campaign for the website. CTR is the abbreviation of “Click-through Rate” and is used to find the performance of keywords and ads campaign. This helps you know the percentage of people who see your ad and click over it.

CTR is calculated with the help of following a simple formula
CTR = Clicks / Impressions (the number of clicks divided by the number of impressions on an ad)
The higher the CPC, the higher the chances to get customers for your products.

·        CPC
CPC (cost per click) is another term of an online marketing strategy. It means the actual price you have to play against every click in your PPC marketing campaign.

Every click on your PPC text or banner ads represents a visit on your website and as a result, interaction with the products on your website.

The formula to calculate the CPC is:  CPC = Cost / Clicks

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IS SEO The Best Way To Optimize Your Website?

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SEO is the best way to optimize your website and help to increase sales, especially for small business that provides online services only. It is an effective Online marketing strategy that works.

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