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Hi everyone and thank you for being you in the first place!

My name is Oliver Ohene-Dokyi and this is my first article here.

I'm sure I will edit it overtime but because it's the first I will not delete it!

I hope it will inspire you in a positive way!

This photo shows my head and face.


I really would appreciate your feedback upon my latest music video: Do Me A Favor -

but before I'll show it I'd like to tell you a bit more about how I made it.

First of all it is the last track of my Album: Hi! that I released on bandcamp in february of 2017.

This was the starting track track that covers more or less many of my thought towards becoming a or the leader making hard to keep promises.

The whole album followed by tracks titled: The fighting for Leadership continues or It ain't good for me - want to express the expectations and position of so called followers in the rise and hopefully and accurate not fall of people become trustworthy in leading themself and others to better living or mental conditions.

You will also have the opportunity to find out and listen in to all tracks of this and album and into my most recent Album called: Understanding

About the Video: I started to enjoy creating Pixel Paintings and using these for most of my music videos. They are made in a rush of a creative pressure to give the musics and lyrics the most present backing as possible.

It's important to know that I "had to" (my own choice:) publish each song of the album right after creating it and if I did one the video as well.

Okay - now I hope you enjoy watching it and if you have some feedback on it please let me know!

I'm not a native english speaking person as you've probably already noticed, with some human or call it artistical freedom I love to sing and write in english more than in other languages. I will place the lyrics below the video for you! Thanks again and even if I don't know about you: I believe in you!

Do Me A Favor By OOD
Song taken from the OOD Album Hi! Copyright - All music and video production by Oliver Ohene-Dokyi 2017. All rights in sounds and artwork reserved.

Do Me A Favor Lyrics

Are things getting easier
are things getting harder
goals are set individually
follow this that are smarter

surround yourself with winners
and you'll be winning soon
forget about your principles
copy dreams and scream

sort your thinking and meditate
until you see some tender light
don't give up your dream
take out things that would hurt one of your kind

do me a favor
do me a favor
do me a favor
yes I will save y'all

Hand out your luggage
pass on your books
move leave the country
this one ain't good

call your mum
call your dad
not hearing from you
is making them sad

update your firewall
stop buying fireworks
invest in your future
don't miss out on a chance
ooh no!

sort your thinking meditate
until you see some tender light
don't give up your dream
take out things that would hurt one of your kind

do me a favor
do me a favor
do me a favor
yes I will save y'all

Do Me A Favor Lyrics - copyright Oliver Ohene-Dokyi 2017. all rights reserved.

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New OOD Album: Understanding The World

Release Date: 09/01/2017

If you love music you know it's powers well:=)

Zoe Badger's Article The Power Of Music is a strong underliner!

To learn more about my music, please visit: oodmusic.info 

I'm also learning more about promoting my work online. If you too want to get valuable tips around digital marketing, check out this online business startup training.

With that said I'm wishing you PEACE, LOVE and JOY!

Resspectfully Yours,

Oliver Ohene-Dokyi

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