Speed Up Painting - From 48 Minutes to 2 Minutes And 25 Seconds!

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In this post I would like to share with you a simple solution and the final result to record a speed up painting video!

I'm also talking a little bit about the stop motion technique (make that fellow dance!!) I've been using at the end of the video.

The day before yesterday I decided to create a new video for one of my newest songs called Time to Boogie, that is an uptempo and funky number.

So, I thought to myself: "Don't make it too hard for yourself Oliver - Use Speedy Pictures!"

I am using a software called Video Pad that allows me to record videos using the small camera that is attached to my laptop since I don't have any special camera or smartphone to record videos.

Speed Up Painting But What to Paint?

Since a good number of years and by the way since film making actually exist the fascination to compress, stretch or skip recorded real-time is big and because I enjoy painting I thought it would be a good Idea to record myself while painting something that shows while I paint. What a silly sentence. I'm sorry :)

The only plan I had was:

  1. painting on a piece of paperboard
  2. using just one small sized brush
  3. make use of only three acrylic colors: blue, yellow and red
  4. lastly to start off the painting session by painting the songs title

From there my imagination and what mixing the colors would show will make me paint the picture!

Because the song is 4 minutes and 15 seconds in length I also didn't want to interrupt the painting session at all or make it too lengthy.

I thought the picture was ready after 48 minutes and because video automatically imports the recording into the project, all I had to do was selecting 'change clip speed' (I changed it to times: 800% - that is the max possible an another time for 200% I think).

I've pixel painted some images the day before that day, inserted and arranged these and finally added the song file (.wav) of my song: time to boogie. 

speed up painting

Quick Video Pad Usage TIP:

Whenever you insert an audio file to video pad, make sure to click the LOCK ICON!

Why that?

If you add an audio file into your project and cut image files, this action will also cut through your audio file leaving the LOCK ICON open! Not good;)

One last thing before I show you the speed up painting result - Make That Fellow Dance!

While getting my painting tools together I found a that little wooden drawing doll inside of my old oil painting box that I've forgotten about. Painting my last oil picture is about 2 years ago so I was surprised having this one.

Speed Up Painting

So I decided to also animate this wooden doll (Make That Fellow Dance:-) using the stop motion technique and add the sequence into the whole music video.

Patience is power :)

I hope you enjoy watching:

OOD Music Video: Time to Boogie
Speed Up Painting and animated drawing doll inside: All music and video production © Oliver Ohene-Dokyi 2017. All rights reserved.

for more information about my paintings check out oodarts.info

The song appears on my new album: Understanding the World I launched with CD Baby a few days ago. For more information around my latest music production also you could also read this article:

About Ood Music - Video And Insights

I've included the albums music player into this article.

If you are primarily interested in making your own videos you might like Dave Menzies article: Viddyoze Video Animation Platform Review

I'm wishing Peace, Healthiness, Love and Joy!! :)

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