What are the best New Year's resolution ideas to succeed in 2018?

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Every end of a calendar year brings excitement about what next year is holding for us.  At this time of year we are making New Year’s resolutions, plan future and full of hopes and new ideas walk into the New Year.

I have never been a huge fun of making New Year’s resolutions. Setting new goals and making plans how to achieve them is not a seasonal action. Goals require energy and planning every day through the whole year. Every day is different and brings different perspective so adjusting the action plan is needed to succeed.

Time when we make resolutions does not matter but our attitude is key. The right mindset and how much we want what we wish for is important to succeed with our resolutions.

We can make resolutions, set new goals at any time of year without waiting for New Year to follow through with them. Some prefer making a list of new year’s resolutions to remind themselves of what they want to achieve next year and some don't have any specific goals. They are happy with the way life is going and they don't spend much time thinking about future.

But if you don't have any New Year’s resolutions yet its worth to look to successful people for inspiration. On their list of New Year’s resolutions we will find:

Work-life balance

I couldn't agree more that having a great work-life balance is key to happy life and mental health. Happy family life is fundamental to achieve success in every aspect of our busy life. Great work-life balance empowers communication skills and make you a better leader.

Learn something new

Successful people usually pick language or learning new skills.  Personally, I would like to expand knowledge about marketing and turn my hobbies into a profitable business ideas.

Time management

Get better with managing your time and planning. Reduce any unnecessary distractions and plan a day ahead to increase productivity and find more time for other things.


Focus on own goals and stop listening what other people say. They will always talk about you and comment on your every move. Everyone is different and everyone makes decisions for themselves so don't let someone to discourage you to follow your dreams or change your mind. Build self confidence with daily affirmations and always believe in yourself.

Financial goals

To increase financial stability and secure your future you must have a financial goal. Analyse spendings and expenses coming your way next year. Its good to make savings strategy for next year and decide how you are going to implement it.

Get rich

Getting rich as a person with your life by achieving goals, living life to fullest, helping others, achieving time and financial freedom is what most people strive for. Practising gratitude and spending some time meditating is on the list of every successful individual and the reason why is that meditation and contemplating helps reconnect with yourself and deal with stress.

So for those who want to make resolutions they can pick something from the list above but picking a new resolution is easy so I wish all of us plenty of motivation and willpower to make our New Year’s resolutions come true in 2018.

How did you get on with your resolutions made last year?Did you keep them? Have you got a New Year resolution for next year?

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