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One of the major themes in Elysium’s Passage novel series is, "Come further up, Come further in." If you are familiar with C.S. Lewis' works, you may recognise this phrase from what was cried out by the characters as they ran further up and further into the New Narnia, as described in The Last Battle, the concluding book in the Chronicles of Narnia series.

As we each ascend our Mountain further up and further in, we continue to gain greater clarity and vision in seeing who we are while we remain on earth. Whatever path we may be on, we are all on a trek through life. James, the protagonist, shares a peculiar venture that took him further up and further in, far beyond what I could have imagined. He sensed there was more to life than he could be seen from his limited perspective. It wasn’t until he received his inner vision of a mountain that he knew he was called to ascent towards a much higher field of vision.

Excerpt from chapter 1, ELYSIUM’S PASSAGE: THE ASCENT

So, it was that infamous night at the pub when I felt I had hit bottom, both literally and figuratively; this dream came to me as a flicker of light, dimly shining through the cracks of my broken life. A line in Leonard Cohen’s lyrics from Anthem speaks of how the light enters through the crack.[1] And Rumi, the Sufi Persian poet, made a similar observation centuries ago: The wound is the place where the Light enters.[2]

For me, I first became aware of this light when the dream shone through a crack in my soul that night. Thereafter, what I heard and saw in my dream became indelibly imprinted in my psyche. More than just a dream, it was an extraordinary premonition that would lead me to several more cracks and wounds that were almost fatal.

Interestingly, I seemed to hear a commentator during the beginning stages guiding me through various images, events, and peculiar landscapes I observed in my sleeping consciousness. I didn’t understand it at the time, yet I could feel this was my story told to me on several levels. While sleeping, it occurred to me how peculiar it was that someone would presume to speak to me about my life. Mysteriously, the sonorous voice seemed to emanate from far beyond: a plane identified as being on a Mountain far above the clouds in my life. I later wondered if perhaps Zeus had deigned to answer me after all.

Wherever the voice came from, it spoke with uncompromised authority. I was disturbed at first by how it urged me to accept a new calling for my life. To what fate was I beckoned? I wasn’t sure what to think.

At first, it seemed a distant echo: ‘James, prepare to leave your world.’ I half awoke, startled by the abrupt words. Was I about to die? Then I fell back, this time into a deep sleep as the voice returned, becoming even more apparent and direct than before.

‘Listen to us; we speak to you from a high plane on a Summit where you have often unawares sought to join us. From our lofty ridge, we view your life in the lands far below. We may appear far away, but we are very near; we dwell here even while we dwell within your mind to which we now speak, for we are all of one Mind.

‘As we survey the magnificent vistas beyond us, we regret those who have no wish to leave the Lowlands below to discover the wonders of what might lie beyond. Though you remain unaware of who you are and where you’re going, we can tell you the Lowlands is no longer your home; you belong here with us because you are of us. The people you dwell among corrupt you with their perspectives and opinions, believing their forlorn reality is the only reality.

‘They say you live, you die, then return to the elements from which you arose, and that’s how things are. That, however, is not how things are. Perhaps one day, you will tell the true story. Yet, you can only speak to those who, like you, envision this Mountain where we wait far beyond the flat horizon. Most will neither see nor hear; they have already decided what is real, but what they look upon is not real.

‘In your sleeping consciousness, you’ve oft heard our faint voice and questioned whether it came to you from afar or if it was only from within your mind. It matters not from where; the message is one, and there is no separation. You sometimes long to join us here on these high vistas to discover new mysterious realms on our side. We speak to you now since you are ready to be answered, just as all are answered who open their eyes to see what others cannot and will not see.

‘As we stand above on this Mountain ridge with you in our sights, we ask that you put aside all thoughts of how you think this may be and try to understand what we have to say. When you come to discover the wondrous sights that lie far beyond the Lowlands’ foggy images, you will know. You may not understand, for you were never told; we are telling you now. Your perceptions, formed in the Lowlands, are a chimaera you chose to believe and live.

‘Ask yourself why you cannot see this Mountain upon which we stand. Is it real? What if it is more real than all you consider to be real? Tell us if you are able; what is real? What makes it real, and how can you tell? Though you need not answer, consider these questions as we invite you to join us for a season by ascending to this Summit of true understanding, not as your world understands. No, we have something more significant in mind for you than just knowledge. This will remain your choice: to join with us or forever remain unaware in your Lowlands.

‘We didn’t make our dwelling on this ridge overlooking your world when we entered this threshold between the old and new worlds. It’s a special place where you can join us for a spell to discover new vistas of existence before you return. Once you depart your plane below, you will have begun your journey into the infinite landscapes of wondrous splendours. You will then realise there is no end to the ineffable splendours of indescribable dimensions. So, it will always seem you are only beginning to ascend further up and further in.

‘You have long considered this quest, so we call out to you now to join us where your soul longs to be, a domain you have long forgotten. Then one day, you too may reveal to your weary world something of the resplendence you have seen, heard, and touched.

‘We have often watched you unwittingly gaze off into the distance towards our misty and mysterious peaks. There are also others who dwell in your domain who sometimes share your vision, yet few give much attention to what lies beyond the flat plains. But you did. As you gazed longingly in our direction towards heights unseen and unknown, you yearned to know what lies beyond your marshy planes.

‘Then, ever more frequently, you began to dream shadowy dreams with strange images and strange voices calling to you. From where? You didn’t know; still, it felt right because it came from someplace beyond, perhaps somewhere higher. Maybe, one day, you hoped, you would be shown a way that would lead you away, far from the stifling Lowlands.

‘As your unconscious dreams continued to ebb and flow over the years, they seemed to drift and meander without having any specific meaning. At first, these were just visions of subliminal impressions, but as they congealed, something called out to you. You didn’t know what it was, perhaps a reminder of who you were and what you were to become.

‘Finally, within the deepest recesses of your ancestral memories, someone began to speak softly to you, saying you are not abandoned, you belong with us in a reality much larger than the Lowlands. You hadn’t heard this voice since you were a child.

‘After your years of innocence, you forgot who you were and why you came to this world! Now, you are becoming aware of what’s calling out to you from within. You wonder if you should leave the Lowlands to seek the higher grounds you didn’t know existed on a Mountain longingly envisioned when your mind was quieted.

‘At such times, you drifted towards deep mysteries more beautiful and more majestic than you had ever before known. Yet, they also confused you. Such hallowed stirrings were contrary to everything you had experienced, just as they are contrary to what the brooding muckraking inhabitants of the Lowlands understood or wanted to understand!

‘Whatever these inklings might be, you felt it would be best to remain silent. Such frivolous speculation is not well tolerated in the Lowlands, so you spoke nary a word.

‘As time passed, these callings didn’t go away as you continued to nourish the hope engendered in your soul until it became an exciting presentiment of what could be. Then you began to muse that one day you would take the risk and leave the Lowlands where all was safe and secure to venture beyond. Whatever was calling you was more sublime than what could be heard in the Lowlands.

‘However, you continued to grow tired of the amorphous fog hovering in the air where no one in the Lowlands could get excited about anything other than their predictable affairs. With no firm convictions, the air stagnated into dense swamp gases of debilitating apathy.

‘In its mist, you found no one had clarity, so nothing had purpose or meaning because nothing mattered. Perhaps it was the Lowlands’ somniferous aether; still, it didn’t seem necessary or even advisable for one to think beyond their mediocrity since that might disturb the slumber. So, it was considered best not to stir things too much lest they awaken.

‘Making one’s way along the boggy base was soft and accommodating for you. The ruts required little effort to meander through, so there was never any concern about where to go since all paths eventually returned to where you started. For what purpose you continued to wander about, you weren’t sure, yet it didn’t seem to matter. It was what everyone did.

‘The deepest ruts, you found, were always the shortest and most accessible paths to get to where you were going. With so many treading the same way, these kept wearing down deeper and deeper, making it increasingly difficult for you to go off-course. Not that you would want to. What would be the point? Life’s path, you decided, was predetermined; the very notion of exercising free will was a fanciful illusion.

‘At least, that’s what you were told by those who believed they had no choice in life. This belief seemed to make things easier and more secure, much preferred over the uncertainties and responsibilities of choosing one’s own path. There wasn’t much for you to strive towards or to be concerned about. Neither was there anything to become inspired over; they already had enough meaningless amusements to occupy themselves throughout their meaningless existences.

‘Sometimes things changed when the rain continued to pour for extended periods. The soft ground would become very sticky, and one could sink and perish in a rut while the misty drizzle persisted for days on end. You knew about being stuck, and it wasn’t a great feeling. As you reflected on your life, it became increasingly apparent that there had to be more to life than continue to endure all their ennui.

‘At some point, you realised you could no longer ignore your call from beyond, although you remained tentative and unsure where to go since you were unable to see anything past the Lowlands’ veils of mist. In the past, you were told there was nothing beyond the Lowlands worth seeing.

‘Nevertheless, as you continued to focus your inward eyes on what may lie beyond, you would catch vague images and shifting shapes of something you didn’t know. Increasingly, as you gave more attention to your visions, an image appeared as a Mountain, causing you to wonder if there might be something higher that was beckoning you, or was this just your imagination deceiving you? You didn’t know where to go until a time came when you realised you must leave in search of it.

‘You didn’t know what direction you should go, so you followed your inward longings, trusting this would lead you to higher land. This hope, though indistinct and undefined, became irresistible. So, late one rainy evening, you stole away into the darkness, leaving behind the mud, sludge, drudge, and all that felt familiar and safe to you.’

[1] The lyrics to Leonard Cohen’s copyrighted lines of Anthem may be found online.
[2] Rumi was a 13th century Persian, Sufi poet, born in Tajikistan.


Then, later from Chapter Twelve...

‘Savour the journey, James,’ he said. ‘It’s only beginning. Though you may rest along the way to take in the spectacular views, realise the adventure is never over because enlightenment never ends; it only expands with fuller vision from the heights. Wherever you find yourself, you’re always at the starting gate to go wherever you wish to go. There are always more marvels for you to see and experience along the unlimited paths yet to be discovered in paradise.

‘Unfortunately, many on the earth plane consider the body’s death to be the end of their journey, or at best, an eternal ennui of religious tedium that, if you had your druthers, you might prefer annihilation.[1]

‘For you, however, wherever you decide to ascend will always be your highest and most noble adventure. At least until the next, and the next...’

‘Most inspiring words, Eli. However, I doubt if any of this is what I will experience when I return. I see only more drudgery.’

‘Well then,’ Mo said, ‘I have something here I’ve been saving that might give you some cheer. It’s an excerpt from what Julianne was recently reading. Let me recite it to you: For you know that when you return to the level ground from which you climbed, you will be different as a result of having made your ascent. The hard work is done. What you gain here you gain from what is beyond effort and learning – what you have gained will never leave you but will sustain you forevermore.’[2]

[1]  Pascal wrote: I would prefer an intelligent hell to a stupid paradise. 
[2]  From A Course of Love, Mari Peron, Book 3, Chapter 11.  




This the first in a series of five Elysium narrations regarding a young British philosopher named James Phillips who finds himself living in an altered state of reality while still remaining on earth.  

After experiencing a near-fatal fall while climbing to the summit of a remote mountain in the Andes, James awakens in a new dimension. He soon encounters two mysterious beings who provide him with a very different perspective on the nature of his existence. Over the next year, before his body recovers from the coma, he is challenged to re-examine his understanding of life’s meaning and purpose far beyond anything he previously believed or could believe.

An engaging and sometime surreal adventure with intimations of impending romance, the narrative explores the most important questions about life, death, reality, and our ultimate destiny. 

The Plains of Elysium (Champs-Élysées) was described by Homer, Hesiod, Virgil, and many other poets as the paradisiac afterlife realm reserved for heroes. As the title suggests, this is about a journey through a passage that leads towards Elysium’s exciting realm of existence.

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The following comments are excerpts from among the first readers including a number of Amazon five star reviews. To read the full reviews, go to READER REVIEWS on www.elysiumspassage.com or directly at https://digitalbloggers.com/arts-and-entertainment/reader-reviews  

"A delightful mix of fantasy, reality, conjecture, and humour; Mr. Meyers draws the reader into the story with a gentle narrative that captures the imagination, leaving one anxious to get to the next page drawing you into his exceptional world.”

"Quietly, gently, and without imposition, the Author unfolds the pages, creating an intricate, interlocking bridge spanning the chasm between mind and heart. Renewing, refreshing, restoring. In my bereavement, it was vigil and light…"

“Excellently written with an exceedingly deep understanding of this world and the next. The characters are very well written and engaging. I can't wait to complete this book!"

“Takes the reader on both a philosophical and spiritual journey, a journey that at times is both disquieting and tranquil. James, a British Philosopher can be irreverent and caustic, traits that should have left me cringing, but instead made me laugh out loud. Elysium’s Passage is a fun, enlightening and remarkable book.”

“This is a masterful fantasy, becoming a real possibility, as the reader is drawn into the story. The Summit leaves you anxious for the next book in the series, yet also leaves you totally satisfied with the world you have just visited. Genius! An exciting, yet calming, experience that is not to be missed."

"There was hardly a page on which I did not find at least one sentence worthy of hi-lighting for future reference. In addition, I thoroughly enjoyed the main character, James, whose personality and passionate verbal exchanges with the other characters, kept me coming back for more. I am reading the book for a second time while I wait for the next one in this series to be made available."

 “N.G. Meyers has clearly put a great deal of research and thought into what the afterlife may look like and I like his perspective. It’s an altogether welcoming and exciting vision. The book gives one a great deal to think about and a reassuring confidence that the end of our lives is truly the beginning of life in the next. I highly recommend it."

"I am really enjoying your book, it’s fantastic! It is so incredible and diversified that I can’t really explain it to other people, so what I say is just read this book. Thank you so much for the blessings that you’ve given the world!"

“The humour interjected into a serious discussion makes me laugh out loud. Totally unexpected....l may be in the presence of at least a master, if not a genius. A fair ride into reality... seeking that which is unseen, yet absolutely real.”

“An engaging story of adventure embracing man's deepest desire to search for meaning and purpose, N.G. Meyers takes the reader on an adventurous thought-provoking journey. This book has substance. It is a perfect blend of adventure and fantasy combined with spiritual philosophy. It ignited my imagination. The author magically weaves a good story laced with wit and humour together with deep philosophical wisdom. This book has it all!”

“An evolution in thought is triggered by many fresh philosophical themes which could inspire readers to re-think their reality and former ideologies that have dictated their lives… the author fires readers’ imaginations to view what could be possible when spirit vacates the body.”

“This is the book spiritual seekers have been waiting for. For me, it granted a great read as well as increased inspiration to live every day with a heightened sense of purpose. I highly recommend it.

“The Summit is capable of hooking readers and luring them to search for Book 2 to discover more about Dr. Philip’s surreal trek into the mysterious unknown universe. This thick book is well worth the read and to share…”

“Mind-blowing statements and speculation (‘…everyone is a non-physical thought form conceived in the Mind of God, preserved for all eternity because God’s thoughts never die…’). Many will find Meyers’ journey up the Mountain intriguing—and possibly even life-changing.” (BLUEINK REVIEW)

“In its effort to grapple with fundamental questions about the meaning of life, it raises questions that have echoed throughout the ages, including about where we come from, where we are going, who we are.”  (CLARION REVIEW)




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