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Song about the Leaf dreaming to fly (Words and Music by Alexandra)

Today I like to share this amazing song by Alexandra with you in my own interpretation. My friend Oliver Giese and me recorded it at his home studio in Hamburg St. Pauli because of its melancholic beauty. The German lyrics tell the story of a single leaf that is moving under thousands in the city park at night, dreaming about the freedom in the great wide world and about the oceans it would see if it could only fly away just like the swans do. Then the autumn wind answers the longing of the little leaf and lets it free into the big city. Yet when its dream came true the leaf just sank tiredly onto the conrete where the rain left it to die surrounded by silent houses. Now it wishes its way flying back to the home tree.

Club 27

They probably celebrate and enjoy music all together in a heavenly big band of Rock!

Not only Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvanas Kurt Cobain, and The Doors´ Jim Morrison died at 27. There is another German-speaking legend that deserves to be part of this prestigious "Club 27" and that I like to honour:

The Singer Alexandra – mysterious death by 27

When the singer Alexandra died, she was only 27 years of age. Right at the peak of her career there was this one instance where she lost control about the traffic in her Mercedes Coupé. Her little son Alexander slept in pillows in the back. The six years old boy survived, but her mother went with her.

July 1969 the German speaking music audience lost one of their most amazing voices in a car crash. She was called "the voice of longing" with that special dark, smokey touch and her unique sound. Not only could she write beautiful, thoughtful music, she was one of the rare exceptional singers that were able to really touch you deeply with their vocals.

When I was a very young girl I grew up with her sometimes happy, somtimes strangely dark kind of pop songs. It is known that she had her own values on the quality of music and desired her artitistic freedom as an artist. So after her career started with more mainstreamy tunes, she fought for the liberty to sing her own authentic compositions. Just like this one: "Fliegen" (Flying) was recorded 1968 in the year my birth, one year before her mysterious accident that until today was never completely explained. Stories from Stasi secret service affairs, Mafia and car manipulation created a mystery around this unforgettable lady. If you like, hear our version in the link above. Even if you do not speak any German I am sure you can sense the essence.


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(Birgit Fischer)

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