alicia keys piano & i

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Alicia Keys piano & i -

Whatever stops you from dreaming : Whatever tries to stop you from living - FLIP IT !

Sometimes the best thing to do with stuff that messes with your moment is just to let it go.

I’ve come along way in my nearly (in 2 days ) 39 years..  I’ve some how managed to get out of my own way a lot more of the time and be able to remind myself to not take life too seriously and to focus on the things that feel good to think about - like my family and the beautiful world around us. I’m by no means perfect but I do manage to turn things around for myself one way or the other most of the time.

In the Alicia keys piano & i song she brings across a really poignant reminder about just getting rid of whatever it is is any moment that holds you back from Dreaming and Living Your Life.  For myself these days I am much better placed to remind myself that it’s not what happens ‘to’ you but what you choose to do with it or think about it that ultimately affects your experience of the moment.

Sometimes the best time to be reminded of this concept is actually when things have been trucking along really, really well and then some unexpected words or a scene you come across in your day just throws you off kilter and can spin you a little.  So as far as I have come in my life journey thus far - there are still these moments that come my way - however rarely - that remind me the absolute value there is in the ability to just let things go.

Alicia Keys piano & i -  to me also showcases the artist herself as a woman and a human being. Alicia is on her own journey now as a wife and a mother also.  She is someone that we can be proud to be inspired by with her musicianship and message. And sometimes her music is just the right thing at the right time.


Piano & I
Alicia Keys
Hello! My goodness
I didn't know I was here
Do you know my name?
(It ain't goin' wrong when you try)
Always got to try
No matter how long that shit take
Yeah, yeah
Whatever stops you from dreaming
Whatever tries to stop you from living, FLIP IT!
Welcome home
'Cause right now what I have to do is
I've gotta amp myself up as well as you
So yeah, so what it took me
Like, maybe two years and shit
But I'm feeling prepared
You know what I'm saying
And I'm feeling a little more ready for the world
And less lost, as I once was
So come on, what you waiting on?
Fill me, fill me, fill me

As a person on my own journey and as a wife and mother also I love that I have a platform to share my voice and my thoughts in the moment.  I’ve often felt I have something to give to others in some way.  I do get to share and experience joyful moments all day long with family and even in my work place but it is awesome to have a platform and now an education that is allowing me to help develop my unique value and a legacy that I can be proud of for myself.

If you also have that inner desire to share your voice and create a platform for yourself and if you want to engage in an education and community that is really mindful and about helping you showcase your unique character and personal message then go ahead and click here to get started with some really valuable and helpful training to get you started on your way.

Thanks so much again for following along.

All My Warmest Regards