An Authentic Personal Brand

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An Authentic Personal Brand is all about the Real Story, Real Identity and Unique Character of Who we really are and how we present that to the world. 

We live in a digital age where devices such as cell phones have become an almost permanent new appendage to our bodies.  As we become more closely connected than ever before we are now demanding authenticity and real identity behind what we engage in. This is exactly where - especially in the online world - the value in nurturing an authentic personal brand starts becoming very clear.

Growing up in our little corner of the world here in New Zealand we gain an enormous sense of pride when ever any of own gain a position in the spotlight.  So when Kiwi actor Rhys Darby starting appearing on the global stage sporting his distinct New Zealand accent and his own unique down to earth character he has become a perfect example of someone who has fostered “an authentic personal brand”.   He is proud to be himself and proud to represent New Zealand and what kiwi’s are about.

His performances as a Kiwi sporting a New Zealand accent have recently been spotlighted on the KTLA 5 Morning News: Rhys Darby Talks “Voltron: Legendary Defender” and Upcoming Local Show. Rhys talks about New Zealand and his various projects he is working on right now but he also articulates the vision that he has for himself and his life and what he was "dropped on this planet to do"


An Authentic Personal Brand is all about the real story, real identity and unique character that any individual person shares with the world across any number of chosen platforms.  It's like our parents used to tell us "Just be Yourself" and people with either like you or not and that's o.k because those with whom you resonate will have a more genuine connection with what you have to offer than any one who had manufactured something that was not who they really are.  

As you set out on your own journey to foster and nuture an authentic personal brand for yourself - rest assured that you will have so much more fun and along the way and what ever you create will be much more fulfilling than if you had tried to copy some one else. 

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