Can You Feel My Heart?

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In this blog, we take a look at my most successful YouTube video. What factors are at play here? At the time of recording, I was very stressed with my life situation and putting a lot of pressure on myself to produce videos, after moving to Sydney for the sole purpose of playing in a band which dropped me straight away.


A Self Storage Upgrade

This video is the first to feature my second storage space. I had just moved from my original and much smaller storage space into a larger locker. The kit was cleaned up, rearranged and the extra space allowed me the ability to film from new and improved camera angles. The new space gave a much nicer visual impression and was a welcome change on the videos, as well as to my physical experience with much more space to move around.

The facility was hired on a monthly basis and I was granted anytime access to my room. This gave me a huge amount of time freedom, without having the logistical issues of moving drums or even setting them up. Having access like this is a true luxury for any drummer who understands the difficulties of getting kit time in. Because I was aware of this, I pushed myself to maximise all my free time on training and producing results.

A look inside Mako Self Storage, where I was set up for YouTube in 2013

If you are in Brookvale, NSW and you need to store your stuff, get in contact with Mako Self Storage and get yourself looked after. Of about 8 places I talked to, Mako were the only ones willing to let me create and live out my vision, and I will appreciate that forever.

Spicy YouTube Analytics

Today, February 05 2019, this is still my most successful YouTube video. With so many variables at play, it's hard to attribute the success to any one thing. I put in the right practice and delivered my best version to create this video, and that's about as much as I know.

Stats for nerds:

  • 900 subscribers gained
  • 414,000 minutes watched

This song was more on the simple side when compared with my previous video, Fault Line, leaving me the musical space to perform at a more expressive level, and embellish the original. Fault Line, in contrast, had very little margin for error or creativity. The technically proficient drummer ego in me can't understand why the song which took more grinding and more growth to perform ends up with less views (46,000) than the song I was able to piece together in no time at all, but that's the way the news goes.

Song Name Subliminal Significance?

I can remember the heavy emotions I felt at the end of this video. I always had strong anxiety and fear of failure present when I recorded, but during the good take shown, I felt the fear and anxious energy soften and collapse. By the end of the track I had accumulated tears in my eyes. I had put so much into the song, into creating my YouTube channel and my new life away from home, but it wasn't really working at all. I was unfulfilled and struggling to have a positive experience, despite the superficial success.


Me playing Bring Me The Horizon in a storage locker, July 2013

Currently, I enjoy a much more developed emotional maturity and have pretty great control over my own mindset. I can see now how the combination of an unfulfilling full time office job, no social interaction, no family, and the life skills of a 20 year old all playing out in an unfamiliar environment compounded into a bad experience. In 2013, I could not see any of this and I was uncertain of everything. I didn't have a vision for the future or any belief in what I was doing, and eventually my motivation did start to leave as I stopped believing in the dream.

I was concentrating so hard, and I was distilling the art of playing drums into such a fine act, but it came at the expense of my sanity. I did not have balance within my life or fulfilment outside of seeing my YouTube stats increase, and that's not a real life. I am proud of this video though, and I would like to thank the very large number of people who took the time to watch, comment, hit like or subscribe to my channel. It is an amazing feeling to be received well after exerting so much energy.

Next Time...

Next time, it's time to let out those dance moves as we review my video of The Unknown by In Hearts Wake. I eased off of my own back and held a lighter space for myself to try and enjoy playing drums.

If you're after more drums, head to my YouTube. If you're after photography, try my Instagram. I'd love to answer any questions you have or give you some tips. If you would like to contact me, use the contact form or find me on the social platform of your choice - all my social links are at the top and bottom of the page.

Thanks for reading my blog. xx


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