How To Capitalise On Your Value With YouTube

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In this blog, we dip into the concept of personal value within the context of YouTube. I took a handful of my best stick trick clips and edited them into a 60 second reel for the SilverFox ridiculous stick tricks contest, getting a 2nd place result without very much effort to create new content.


The 60 second showreel of stick tricks or "visuals"

Minimal Work Required

When I first noticed this stick trick contest hosted by SilverFox, I was quite interested. I was obviously in the right niche, and I had already won a contest with my 2nd video, so the spark was there. There were requirements for the video but the content could be new or old, it only had to be of yourself performing a trick or tricks.

I decided to hand select favourites from the videos I had uploaded so far, and also to add a couple of new things in for good measure. This equated to some simple editing and a short amount of time at the kit taking some footage, the final video coming in at 60 seconds.

This approach was highly efficient for my time, and reused existing assets to create a new and relevant asset for the task at hand. I had the footage and the momentum ready when this contest came by, so by applying my skills and following the outline of the contest description, I had entered myself into the contest without much stress at all.

Ridiculous Stick Trick Video Breakdown

The video itself is very straightforward and self explanatory, starting out and ending with clips from the practice space of a couple of fresh tricks, sandwiching highlights from the earlier videos as shown below.


Home made stick juggling beat

In this clip, 4/4 time is played with a traditional grip. The sticks pass through a cycle of being thrown hand to hand, giving the visual impression of juggling.


Metamorphosis - Northlane

In this clip, simple 6/4 time is kept on the hi hat, which only required 1 hand or stick at any given time, freeing up the other for sticks. A kick drum ostinato is played underneath all the top end action.


Corruption - Northlane

In this clip, a drum fill is played with one hand coming into a musical transition, punctuated with a synchronised 2 hand stick flip move. The second part shows a simple throw followed by a side-to-side sword swipe type visual.


Doomsday - I, The Breather

In this clip, the right stick is first spun and then thrown underneath the left stick; the left stick is passed to the right hand, and the right stick is caught by the left hand.


Delinquents - Woe, Is Me

In this clip, there is a lot going on, so if you are interested, just give it a watch. Click here to view the clip on YouTube.

It's important for me to communicate that the focus when creating these videos was never on the tricks, it was mainly on the music and playing the drums. When reframed within the context of this contest, I saw a new angle on what I had been putting out, allowing me to select relevant aspects from my body of work.

The second place prize was an entire box of sticks of my choice, which was fantastic, I used every single pair until they were no good. Also included was a voucher towards a custom snare, which I did use to order an amazing 15 ply satin walnut stained maple snare with die cast hoops. The snare is back in Australia otherwise I would love to share a photo.

Get Started Today?

When you start to gain momentum from any new commitment, you begin to see opportunities that present to you that weren't within your awareness before you started. For example, if I hadn't have already had relevant media on hand, I may not have entered the contest or had a shot at placing. My mindset and lifestyle were already built up for me to succeed within the domain of the contest, which arrived at the right time.

I only had to skim some of the cream off of my existing body of work to create something new that made a whole new impact on my life and was viewed by others, therefore having some impact in those minds as well. If you are unfulfilled and you do not act, you will remain unfulfilled. If you are unfulfilled and you decide what would start to fulfil you, you invest time, and you commit to yourself and to your growth, you are now holding space for relevant opportunities to generate and make their way into your awareness.

When we start to dream a bit bigger or have visions of change for ourselves, a small aspect of our psyche will always be there to tell us why we shouldn't even try. But that aspect is not you, and it is not in control. In my case, what started as a pipe dream inside a teenager was now snowballing into digital momentum and bringing wealth and abundance to me from the real world. It's important to pay attention.

Next Time...

Next time, we take a look at personal limits and pushing yourself, as I learn a new August Burns Red single in 5 days, being one of the first to produce and publish a drum cover to YouTube. As a result, Matt Greiner himself sent me a tweet, which was awesome encouragement from an idol.

If you're after more drums, head to my YouTube. If you're after photography, try my Instagram. I'd love to answer any questions you have or give you some tips. If you would like to contact me, use the contact form or find me on the social platform of your choice - all my social links are at the bottom of the page. If you'd like some free training on digital business skills, ask me about SFM or click here.

Thanks, I appreciate your reading of this blog. x


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