Crazy Rich Asians! 5 Basic 'Feng Shui' Tips for Wealth Creation.

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Singapore the home of the movie Crazy Rich Asians!

As you know from my profile I actually live in Singapore, the home of the movie Crazy Rich Asians, with my lovely wife from Hong Kong. She has generously offered her expert advice for this blog, where we will be giving you 5 Basic Feng Shui tips for creating health and wealth in your home.
She has been a practicing Chinese Feng Shui adviser (pronounced: Fung Shway) for the past 15 years. The information you are about to read is not from a book, but from practical experience and knowledge – so sit back and be prepared to get it from the horse’s mouth (so to speak!).

Feng Shui Ancient Chinese Science

Feng Shui translated into English means ‘wind-water’ and has formed the basis of Chinese mysticism for 1000’s of years. It is a science based on the five ancient elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Metal and Wood and importantly, harmonising these elements in your home and your environment.
The Chinese say: “Your life, has been determined when you were born. But if you want to change your life, you need to apply Feng Shui on your environment.” In other words, Feng Shui is a way of transforming the limiting circumstances and belief systems that you were born with, enabling you to create more wealth, prosperity and good fortune.
The Chinese have been using Feng Shui in the construction and positioning of buildings for 1000’s of years to increase their health and prosperity by harmonising these ancient elements with their surroundings. 

Feng Shui in Singapore Architecture

Here in Singapore, there are some amazing buildings that have been constructed over the past 50 years, and they all have important Feng Shui aspects. Take for example the iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino featured in the film Crazy Rich Asians.
Crazy Rich Asians - MBS Feng Shui
The hotel and casino (pictured above) is situated at the mouth of the dragon, facing the financial district which is considered a fortunate position in the city.
On top of the building, is the famous infinity pool that represents a lake at the top of a mountain which represents harmony with its surroundings.
The beautiful award winning Arts and Science Museum, pictured in the foreground, is in the shape of a lotus flower. It represents enlightenment, and good fortune.

But how can we effect the environment in our homes to create better health, wealth and prosperity?

Here are 5 basic rules to think about in your home:

1.    Geographic Location.
The geographic location of your home is where it is situated within your city or country. The best place for your home in this current period (2004-2024) is to be near water in the South-West and near mountains if they are in the North – East of your city or country. 
2.    Site Location.
In Feng Shui the site location of your home is very important. There are some good positions, some bad positions and some average positions. For the best aspect for your home, make sure you can see water in the South-West and or mountains in the North – East in relation to the site location of your home. 
3.   Front Door.  
It’s important to know the position of your front door so you can work out where all the other permanent positions are in your home. You can determine which direction your front door is facing by standing in the centre of your home and using a compass to calculate the direction in degrees. For example, North is 0 degrees.
4.   Permanent Feng Shui Positions.
Once you have your main (front) door direction, you can determine the 4 permanent positions in your house. These permanent positions are Wealth, Bad, Average and Relationships. These are all determined by the degrees on your compass reading in relation to your front door.
5.   Apply Yearly Feng Shui Settings.
There are 9 positions that will change every year. These positions change completely, and you have to change your Feng Shui setting to enhance the good and get rid of the bad. This might include: knowing that a bad position has shifted from your bathroom to your bedroom and adjusting your Feng Shui approach to get rid of these negative influences in a particular room.

Harmonize your Home with Feng Shui

Ok, so your home may or may not fit all of the criteria above for health and wealth, and that’s where the balancing and harmonizing aspects and real science of Feng Shui comes in. Depending on the aspect of your house and the permanent positions, a Feng Shui Master can suggest ways in which you can arrange objects in your house to get rid of the bad energy and create good energy around your health and wealth.

Does it work?

Well, to be honest, we haven’t experienced any kind of sickness for over 2 years. No colds, anything! And that’s a fact. Financially, we have been steadily building our investments and I recently just got a raise!

As for changing the circumstances and mind-set of where we were, I think, my wife's mastery of Feng Shui is working very well, and I think it's been an important part of our recent change in fortune. 

Let me know in the comments below if you've ever tried to use Feng Shui, or need any advice on how to go about it. I'll be handing you over to my wife!

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