Crushing My Ego

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undefined Crushing My Ego 
So after writing my first article about loving yourself I would now like to expand and talk about the ego. The little crazy monkey on your shoulder that tells you "you are amazing!" sometimes. And other times it tells you that "you are a total loser". I personally love to crush my ego. When someone tells me something that really irritates me. That really gets me all offensive and explaining that it's absolutely not true. I really know who's talking "Mr ego". But your own ego can even be more harsh and mean to you than anyone else. Imagine the ego being outside yourself. Another person or friend. Would you like to interact with that kind of person? Or would you rather leave? Good questions to ask yourself to cool down Mr Ego. 
Many times while singing songs on stage with my guitar there he would be on my shoulder. Telling me I would forget the next verse. Telling me that my hands were gonna be shaking. The way to get rid of your ego. Is to bring yourself into the present.
So this picture is from a video on my YouTube channel "How To Make Your Video Better".
I had so much joy in making myself as ugly as possible. When I published this clip. I was thinking "oh my God what are they going to I think of me".
Such a fool!
Is this supposed to be funny?
What a loser?
What a childish clip?
But I did it anyway Ha Ha!
How I love to crush my ego.
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