Daze Of Love

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There is no book you can read or movie you can see or song you can listen, to feel what I do until you DO! I can’t teach you how, or why, but I can definitely share with you my experience! 

I drove home in a total daze and a huge grin on my face. My eyes were building up tears and I could not stop smiling. My whole body, inside out was in a state of floating peace. It was so beautiful, and scary in the same time! It was new!

I did not taste this before! Is this real? What is happening to me? The more I involved my brain to understand, the more confused I became! I took a few deep breaths, and allowed myself to feel! I let it fill me, let it embrace and cover my soul with candor.

 Think about this! How are you moving through life? 

Every day, every minute, every second that goes by, you move through life. Every emotion, every taught, every word that you whisper, you move through life. Everything you do, you move through your life! What if I told you to STOP! 

 Yes! … STOP and listen! 

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