Do You… Ever Let YOU Down?

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Recently I’ve been doing a lot of thinking… about myself, where I am now, etcetera. You know the thoughts. I’m not so much worried about where the Joneses are (so to say) and what they are doing, for that matter. But I have to admit… I have been having my lows; we all do actually.

Even many of the biggest figures throughout history have been known to struggle with all types of personal plights from heavy drinking, to drug addiction, insecurities with sexual preference, major depression and even suicide!

Hold on, though! Let me make this clear… I’m not struggling with either of these dilemmas (thanks God!). But, “Self-Doubt” has been trying to visit me frequently. And quite honestly, he’s been calling me more so than ever before! The oddest thing is… I’m an optimist, so why me? I’ve never been one to waste my time being pessimistic towards myself, my goals or trying to bring others down by what they are trying to achieve. Quite frankly, I find that a miserable place to be. Some would hazard to say it actually makes one pathetic to berate others, which I definitely agree. With all this said, it brings me to the point at hand. 

Recently, I released a video to a song that I recorded over two years ago. The song is entitled, "Ever Let You Down".”

It’s a heartfelt, soulful type balled which was written in the vein of songs you might remember some of the music greats like Al Green, Wilson Pickett and Percy Sledge perform.

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Now mind you, these guys are legends, I know, but I wanted to convey what I was feeling about wanting to be there for someone long after a relationship has ended and deliver this message in the song in my way. The lyrics express it all (Read lyrics here!). But lately, I realized the song and video actually relate to more than just wanting to “be there” for someone you love.

In those seemingly unbearable times, who it is we really need to be there for the most, is ourselves!  I’m still learning this. It sounds easy, but loving yourself is a tough enough relationship in its own right and I say this respectfully.

So if you are not only listening to the blues, but living them… Turn life around by allowing yourself to love again, starting with YOU! Eat and drink healthful things, get fresh air, meet and befriend positive people, set goals for yourself and avoid the haters and naysayers! By doing these beneficial things, you’ll find it’s so much easier to love yourself, love someone else and be loved by others.  And through it all, you will find that you will never ever let YOU down.            


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