Drawing Hair (Beginner Tips On How To Draw It Digitally)

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Hello Everyone,

Drawing hair, that seems to be what has happened over the last week! A combination of keeping digital in order to learn more about digital are I seem to have focused in on hair.  How to draw it, colour it and texture it.


I have found several techniques and methods of doing it and still evaluating as I think they have different places of use depending on the overall look you want to achieve. 

Technique 1
  • I have used the soft airbrush as a base to put down the base colour.
  • Then still using the soft airbrush but reducing the nip size to 1-2% doing fines strokes of hair, going in the same direction to build up the hair.
  • Then using a lighter colour still with the soft airbrush at 1-2% to add highlights.          

             Drawing Hair (Beginner Tips On How To Draw It Digitally)

Technique 2
  • Same steps as technique 1 to start.
  • Then using the light pen brush under the ‘Luminence’ brush set at 1-3% size with the lightest colour to go over spots to create highlights.

                             Drawing Hair (Beginner Tips On How To Draw It Digitally)

Technique 3
  • Same steps as technique 1 again.
  • Then using the smudge tool with the soft airbrush setting and 2-3% nib size & smoothing over ever so slightly the ends of the hair and some of the lighter parts. Don’t over do it as you want to keep it looking realistic with these techniques.

                  Drawing Hair (Beginner Tips On How To Draw It Digitally)


I am using the Procreate app with an iPad Air 10.5" and Apple pencil to do these techniques but these brushes I think are universal and you will easily find equivalents in lots of other digital art software.

I hope you have found these tips helpful, I know I did and I have morphed what I learned into producing these techniques as it best suited me.

To see my art for the week check out my instagram account @zoebadgerart.

Happy Sketching


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