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Barcelona and Real Madrid, the two giants of Spanish and world football are playing each other in the Spanish Super Cup.  The score is currently 3-1 to Real Madrid in stoppage time at the end of the game.

The game has now ended with that scoreline.  Real Madrid scored two remarkable goals late on in the game.

I admire both football clubs for their unrivalled success, however I don't like the way that they both go about their business.  In particular their acquisition of players.  They obviously want the best players in the world to play for them, but the way they go about acquiring those players is unscrupulous.

What they do is, that they unsettle a player at his current club, by feeding false information to the press.  They are doing precisely that at the moment, with a player called Phillipe Coutinho who currently plays for Liverpool.

I love watching Barcelona play football, but the way they go about their business of acquiring players leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  There is a right and proper way of buying players, but these two clubs abuse their status and break the rules of acquiring players.  Such a shame really, because these two clubs are the biggest in the world.  It's the way that they try to maintain that status which doesn't sit well with me at all.

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