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Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all having a wonderful Easter break despite the lockdown.

Well, I feel like my sketches have come on a lot this week since going back to female faces and what I love to draw most.


I have also felt the drawing process going more smoothly too.  Even if if I feel some resistance initially when I start sketching I just get right into it.  I am still using the principles from the Loomis method to structure and layout my faces and at times I just seem to get it wrong so there has been a lot of rubbing out and re-doing. 

Be Kind to Yourself

I am also learning to not give myself a hard time about rubbing things out, it is ok to do, perfectly ok.  For a long time I put this expectation on myself that everything should be perfect, I should be able to do it right first time and if it looks easy it will be easy for me.  The truth is for me it takes a LOT of practice and a lot of forwards then backwards steps.  I would also be in dread of what other people thought of my art so would never share it either.  I would also give up easily.  There are many 'faces' to artists and people in general.  I would also get so far and just give up or have a bad drawing and just not bother again after.  These are qualities that did not make me feel like my best self and I wanted to change them, to push past those barriers that I set myself. It does not matter where they came from only how I move through them to the other side.  I will share all my sketches with the world, the good, the bad and the ugly.  Face the fear and do it anyway.


I will continue with my faces and exploring them in my drawings.  I am now experimenting more with shadows and shading to see how I can imporve there.  I also want to better explore the eyes and the expressions portrayed as sometimes I feel they are a bit 'staring you in the face' on the page. I also want to develop some characters so that will be my mission for the next few weeks.


As always head over to my instagram page @zoebadgerart to see the rest of the sketches from this week.

Happy sketching


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