Faces Part 2 (How To Constructively Review Your Artwork)

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Hello Everyone,

In week 6 I wrote a post about faces and having drawn mostly faces this week I noticed something, my faces now have ‘life’ in them, especially the eyes.  This has led me to write about faces part 2 how to constructively review your artwork as this is what I am going to do in this post. 

Looking Back

I know looking back is generally not good as we don’t want to dwell in the past but there are certain situations where it can help especially if it is being done in a positive way i.e to see how far you have come and to see the progress you have made. 

I have started writing this post with this idea not having looked back at my previous post or artwork yet so this is technically live as I write!  I am following my intuition totally here it is pulling me forward and I am ignoring my brain which is trying to put the brakes on!! So not listening to it :-).

Week 6 Faces

Faces Part 2 (How To Constructively Review Your Artwork)    undefined

Looking at the above drawings from week 6 which was early April this year the proportions are there and the shading is starting to take shape to help with the definition and structure. But the eyes seem a bit ‘lifeless’ which is the only way I can describe it.

Week 21 Faces

Faces Part 2 (How To Constructively Review Your Artwork) Faces Part 2 How To Constructively Review Your Artwork

Now they both have ‘life’ in the eyes, the first one she is looking at you from the page, the second you can tell she is looking out at something.  Looking at the lines they are sharper and now in my sketches I always sharpen my pencil before I start or use a mechanical one. I also take more time to go over marking the highlights and shadows all be it very simply as I am not really into true ‘realism’ in my art.  I am also doing the shadow that falls across the eyeball from the lash line and this I think has helped a lot. 

I have also drawn a lot from references on Pinterest which I think has helped my progress a lot.

How To Constructively Review Your Artwork

As I have done so above:

  • Look at the sketch over all - does it have ‘life’ in it.
  • Look at line quality, how were you using your lines previously and then now?
    • How have you used shading, shadow and light.
    • Look at the structure of the sketch, is it strong or weak on the page? Is it well balanced for the subject that it is?
    • Think about your current practice in how you ‘do’ your sketch, what is different now from back then?

    All this adds up to a positive self critique of your artwork, looking at and seeing and evaluating the progress you have made.  This is not something I have ever done before but I have enjoyed this process and learned a lot from it.  I am also pleased that I have been positive about this and not just bashed my older artwork which is something I might have done a year ago.  So on a personal self improvement level working out how to constructively review my artwork has boosted my confidence and it will do yours as well.

    To see my sketches of the week please see my instagram account @zoebadgerart.

    Happy Sketching


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