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HATE heights. And this is me stood on the Trolls Tongue in Norway.


We've all heard the quote 'There is nothing to fear but fear itself'

But what does reading that actually do? Nothing the majority of the time right, are you guilty of that? 'Spiders are more afraid of you than you are of them', Oh great, nice one, I wasn't aware of that. Problem solved.

Now here's the ridiculous twist, you KNOW that getting over a fear is facing it. But through the nature of fear, you rationalise your way out of facing them, yet you're still effectively wasting your time because why are you rationalising YOUR fear? Because you don't want to be scared anymore? Because you know deep down there's nothing to be scared of? Are you telling me you really think there's a monster under your bed?

Now here's where you learn the science behind fixing that.

If you hang your leg over your bed enough times and you don't get grabbed by a figment of your imagination, then eventually you will learn how to overcome that problem of fear.

Because you went into what scares you

Most people (myself included) will try every other option before facing a fear dead on. They're scared of fear itself, not something thats actually happening. And what happens when you face it? Usually something profound and incredible...even life changing.

It's only then that you find the answer, because being forced to find it through no other option, helps you find the answer. You have to fix it somehow right? And what do you think will get you out of it when you have literally no other option? thats right....THE ACTUAL ANSWER!

To end, i'd like to share my personal story with the other 2 biggest fears i've encountered in my life.

I, as many of us have, suffered from anxiety for a good shift in my early 20's, being scared ALL THE TIME. Which lead to being depressed because nothing was nice anymore. I exhausted every option to deal with that. I eat healthy, excercised, and took a small dose of medication. I got my health up to scratch but I still couldn't avoid panic attacks. Until one day I got so sick of being scared of having one that when it was coming on I thought ' Oh fuck ya! I don't care anymore' and just accepted it was happening and didn't worry because worrying didn't help the other millions of times in the past. And what happened was, my panic attack came and went and I was suprised that with no fight whatsoever, I didn't pass out like I thought I would. I didn't make a fool of myself and I didn't die. That suprise gave me the real answer. That there's nothing to be scared of. It's all adrenaline triggered by my own mind and it goes. If anything, it's good that you have adrenaline because it saves you from a sabre tooth tiger thats trying to kill you. But seen as that isn't likely to happen, I just accepted it was myself that was the problem. So eventually I got over it through learning that there was nothing to be scared of. Just like the monster under the bed.

I am forever grateful for going through that stage of my life because it told me that I needed a change, And I became healthier and happier once making that change.

The 3rd problem I dealt with was unfullfillment. And knowing that how my life was destined to be, isn't what I wanted. I couldn't see myself being happy in a conventional job, or working till I was nearly 70. Not having enough time for my loved ones and not being able to do what I really wanted. So I looked for an answer. And thats where I found The Six Figure Mentors. It helped me find the actual answer to getting time and financial freedom, for the very purpose of being free to do what I actually wanted.  So instead of lying to myself and telling myself it was fine, because I was scared to admit that I needed to make a huge shift in my life, I just dived into the fear. And once again, the answer came. Profound as ever.

To Conclude. Don't run from your fears folks. I know they're scary, they are by definition. But leave that excuse behind. Has it helped until now? Because you know that at the end of the day, the only real thing to fear is yourself.

Love and thanks, always.

Mike Howse




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