Flip your mindset

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When starting out with online marketing. I was ready to get to work. To get what I needed. To get what I didn't have. Everything was about me. Approaching marketing from a standpoint of need I set myself up for more need. But it's very simple "that's not how the world works". So it was time to flip my mindset. It's about what you can give. And the beautiful thing is that once you shift your focus to giving the natural laws start working FOR you and not AGAINST you.
So then comes that little voice "but I have nothing to give!"
So there you go again back into the mindset of lack! Just choose to stop believing it.
Once you grow and learn one thing every day you can pass that very same thing on to someone else that is one step behind you. And the value of that is not more or less.
If you pick up a camera for the first time and someone teaches you to focus. At that moment focusing is worth much more than all the technical knowledge about the camera /lighting/contrast/shutter speeds... So don't fool yourself into thinking more knowledge is more value. Value is worth more or less depending on where you stand.

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