Forwards Then Backwards

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Hello Everyone,

Forwards then Backwards, that’s how this week has been with my drawing. How has your week been?

Instinctive Surprises

This week I have drawn mostly faces trying out different angles and tilts of the head which has mostly gone ok although perspective gets me a little confused sometimes.  I have also been practicing with the line weight too on some of them.

I then decided I would practice the fashion figure again and putting the head on there with the knowledge I have learned.  Well, that did not go quite to plan!

                             Forwards Then Backwards

I had a reference picture next to me for the pose but when I started with the head I instinctively wen to draw an oval first rather than a circle to add divisions for the planes like the Loomis method.   When I rubbed it out to start over with the circle it did not work at all. I came to the conclusion it was down to the scale, it was a lot smaller than what I had been doing.

Forwards Then Backwards

‘Great’ I said to myself ‘forwards then backwards’ the figure part was not going well at all.

                  Forwards Then Backwards

I felt like I had gone back to square one again however, I did try to draw it without the guide lines which probably did not help.  So I got my reference photo and did the proper guidelines and tried again which helped a lot and I got a better result. I think I rushed ahead thinking I could just do it without any guides or references.  Truth is it takes a LOT of time and practice before you get to that point, at least for me anyway.

I am not discouraged and I think this journey will have a lot of forwards then backwards moments in it but that’s ok as I will always keep moving myself forwards.

As always my sketches for the week are on my instagram account @zoebadgerart

Until next week Happy Sketching.


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