FREEDOM! is it really free?

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So, this being my first post I thought it only best to give you an introduction.......and there it is.

Freedom, is a fundamental desire that we all want. I don't care how you want it, I just know that YOU want to live your life doing whatever the fuck you want. Either for yourself or other people. Correct me if i'm wrong?


Right now, your brain and spirit are exhausted. LOOK how much effort you put in just to keep a light burning inside of you in hope, DESPERATION that you can logic and learn your way to the answer. And yep, you guessed can?

Why would it be so hard to believe that what you've been doing to actually change your life is actually working? The fact that you havn't had the results you want yet? that you still feel guilty towards your loved ones? you still want to rip your own eyes out if you have to work at your unfullfilling job that had so much promise at one point, just to drop you right back where you started? You don't have the car you want? You can't give back to your loved ones? you've got no fucking money to invest in a life or business that would make YOU happy, not your boss. You're sick of hearing your own voice saying "One day we'll travel to Asia" and you're actually travelling away from it?


LOOK at the common denominators here. Everything revolves around you. After all, this is your life is it not?? Meaning YOU are the thing that is going to be the change in your life. Not what you gain from freedom, YOU. So give yourself some credit because you're reading this now because of who you are and what you want, so you're already doing the right thing. Maybe you feel inspired, maybe you enjoy continually feeling pessimistic. Either way can you just do everyone a favour and make that shift :)


I don't like to spend my time telling people that they are the change that they want to be in their world for nothing. I have my own time that is ticking, do you think I want to waste anymore of it? I'm here for the same reason you are. TO LOVE LIFE! and I want you to accept responsibility and trust me when I say that this can be your first (and certainly the hardest) step, to making a life truly on your own terms. I don't know about you but there was only so long I could look at pictures of people being happy and things that I wasn't enjoying myself, before I did something about it.

Freedom isn't free, it comes at one simple cost. Your ability to know what is true and what's not.

All my love and respect, And Thank You. Let's make this real!

Mike Howse



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