Happiness is YOUR Responsibility

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So, who is to blame for your sadness?

 The politicians? maybe it's your friends? or your family? could it be the cat cos it shat on your fav rug this morning? your partner because he / she snores and doesn't touch you like you used too? Your ego will try blame someone for it, but guess what your sadness is your fault, you choose it. (most the time)

One morning a family was going through their morning routines, you know the score, late to bed late out of bed, mum rushing around like satan's got a red hot poker up her arse. The father and son were have their breakfast, the son was explaining to dad about his wondrous plans for worlds domation and how he's going to make his living from Minecraft, when an over egar eleven year old elbow crashes over a cup of dad's favorite coffee... All hell breaks lose, the coffee splashes everywhere, into the toast on the sugar puff and... down Dad's only clean shirt, everywhere.. The son says he's sorry, but it's to no avail, dad vocally rips into the boy like a bear, " if you weren't messing around you wouldn't of knocked over the flaming coffee, how many time do say to be careful, idiot!

Dad spends the next twenty minutes, trying to get the stains out of the shirt with no luck, he thunders off upstairs to gets a slightly pongy shirt out of the dirty wash basket, the son is sorry and very sad. Dad, now late, shouts at the boy to "get into the car, we're both late,"  They speed off on the school run in sillence, only the sound of the wheels and the news on the radio, explaining in 101 ways how the economy's doomed and we're stuggle to make it through the day, again. Dad drops of his son at school, dad turns to say bye but the son was gone and with a door slame he stompped into school giving glares at everyone he saw. Dad still late for his work speeds of through the twenty zone.... a blue light apairs in his rear view mirror, "oh for f**k sake, that bloody kid and his minecraft, now look what he's done." 

A Speeding fine and a good tick off by the boss later, dad's sat at his desk trying hide his slight pong and just get the day over with, when the boss comes over to him, still a bit pissed off by the dad being forty minutes late, says to dad, "I'll be docking your pay for the forty minutes this morning," "but but but" the dad says, "no buts Jim you're on thin ice." 

Dad works through the day, grumpy and just please to get it out of the way. He arrives home, to find his wife in a right mood because Charley (the son) had got a weeks detetion at school for kicking the doors in the corridoors almost taking 'one off the hinges' because he was late. "Well it was his fault" dad growled at his wife, "I almost got the sack because of him AND I got a fucking speeding ticket too, I was only trying to make up the time I lost because of him!"  The home drew silent, the son feeling sorry for himself sobbed himself to sleep that night, mum slept alone and dad slept on the settee, with half bottle of single malt for company. Oh no.. it will soon be bloody morning, they collectively thought.


   Now, imagine if that morning when the son spilt the coffee everywhere and dad just said "never mind son accidents happen, you clear up the mess I'll just have to go to work in the shirt I wore yesterday and I'll tell the boss it's the smell of success if it's bit stinky, jump in the car it's time to go. They arrive at school a little early, the son jokes about his stinky dad's shirt with his friends, waves and shouts "see ya later, maybe footy down the park after dinner dad?" Dad drives off to work in no hurry, sings to his favorite CD, dodges the police cash machine on the way and arrives at work, just in time to make his boss a nice cup of tea, milk two suggars, just the way she likes it. The boss is happy and successfully negotiates a pay rise for the whole floor with the CEO. Dad arrives home to find his dinner is ready, he gives his son a high five and his wife a loving kiss, "Come on dad, lets play footy." 

I know the above tail is maybe over-egged and yes shit happens, but do you see my point? By CHOOSING and positive (happy) response to the shit that happens , the whole family benefited. Heck the whole floor on which Dad worked got a pay rise for goodness sake and the son had a fun day at school, image the knock on affect that had!!! 


Happyness is choice 95% of the time, imagine if we all chose it. 

Love and peace Andy


P.S news reports drag you down

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