It's Ok To Have A Rest

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Hello Everyone,

This week I wanted to let you know it’s ok to have a rest.  I thought I would follow on from a previous blog it’s ok to take a break or time for a change.  I have been feeling rather overwhelmed this last week and I think it has been building for a while so I wanted to share this important message.

Human Being Not Human Doing

You are a human being first not a human doing.  We can get so caught up in all the things we have to do.  The to do lists, the housework, the goal setting the action to take to move towards your dreams and of course the workouts and the meal planning for healthy meals and that’s without any kids!

You can see how it all adds up and you can get on a treadmill everyday and wonder why you are so tired.  Then I have the sketch to do every day and I do feel that maybe I have not put as much care into my sketches as I could have. They all seem to be a bit samey to me lately and maybe that is just my mindset at the moment but the last 2 days I did not do them, I had a rest.

Rest For A Recharge

After I got over the guilt of not doing them which did not take long to be honest as it really felt I needed the rest, time out to do well, nothing! I watched TV and did a bit of decluttering and re-organising and it felt great.

I feel so much better for those couple of days off sketching and I just wanted to share that it’s ok, it is allowed.  And in a lot of cases very much needed. You can’t give from an empty tank, especially create from one.  This is an important message that I felt needed to be shared so if you are hitting a roadblock on your art or flow of ideas or you just don’t feel like yo have the energy. Take a rest, it is ok and your deserve it.

Here is one of my sketches this week.

                           It's Ok To Have A Rest

To see my others before my rest :-) see my Instagram account @zoebadgerart.

Happy Sketching.


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