Home Recording with the Zoom Handy H2n Recorder

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First Things First

When I was going to Purchase the Zoom H2n Handy Recorder I read many reviews, Most Importantly, ( as I'd already had a zoom recorder and was sold on the brand) the Reviews based on Comparison between the H4n, H5, H6....

I wanted the Highest Quality Recordings as I Had an Album Prepared and Ready to Go.  What I Discovered is they Have Virtually Identical Microphones and Sound Quality but What you get with the other models is more High Tech Modes For Field Work, Movies Etc..

I Personally Didn't Need any of that, I Just Needed quality sound and simple operation so I could focus on the Content Being Recorded!

Having used other Recorders and Recorded Music Many Times I was Absolutely Satisfied with this Product. It has Amazing Microphones, Clean Quality Sound. Its Easy to Set Up and Use, Simple Effective Design Features that make doing Multiple Takes Easy.

I was Able to get a Nice Balance Between Guitar, Vocals and Harmonica Simply by Adjusting my Positioning in Relation to the Recorder and Also If I was Doing Separate Tracks, It was Simple.

What I would Recommend If Your Are Wondering About Recording at Home Is  Professional Quality Headphones and Good Simple Mixing Software.


The Zoom Handy H2n Recorder Comes with Production Software!

All The Zoom H2n Handy Recorders Appear to Come with Steinberg's Cubase LE music production software and WaveLab LE audio editing software Which Is a Really Good Addition!

I Found it to Be Really Professional Software and I was Able to Keep up With the Learning Curve as I Went and Recorded my Whole Album With this Software. I'm Not Sure, If you Just Get the Zoom H2n, Check if this Software Comes with it - it means one less Cost as Professional Programs Aren't Cheap!

Setting Up Your Recording Space

Another Thing to Consider is Your Recording Space. There are a few Important things to Do.

  • First Create Surfaces for the Sound to Reflect off and Bounce around
  • Warm up the Room by Adding Blankets etc to your Surfaces
  • Cover any Windows with Curtains AND If you Can
  • Also, I'd Strongly Recommend Setting up a Mattress Behind Your Vocals - It Will Improve the Quality of the Vocals by Absorbing tinny Sounds Etc..

But Obviously the Performance Itself is where the Magic Really is..!

Here are Link's to the Products and Affordable Headphones I Use! The Headphones I Found to be Really Good for Mixing - I Was on a Budget and I Wasn't Disappointed!

If You're In America - Zoom Handy H2n Recorder, Studio Headphones.

If You're In Australia - Zoom Handy H2n Recorder, Studio Headphones

If You're in the Uk - Zoom Handy H2n Recorder, Studio Headphones

For the Zoom H2n Handy Recorder If You're in Australia, For Pro Quality Affordable Headphones I Use..

Get Stuck into it! Look Forward to Hearing Some Tunes! Send me through a Link I'm Always Keen to Hear Some Home Recordings -



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