How To Navigate The Quantum Reality

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In this blog, we're looking at video 1 of another 90 day challenge. I talk about how we navigate quantum reality using stories to project into the future, and how they can slow us down as anchors into the past.

90 Day Video Journey II
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☥ Day 1/90: How To Navigate The Quantum Reality // August 05 2019 ☥


The Stories We Tell Ourselves
All we have is the present moment. Humans easily get sucked into a sense of linear time because we remember things, both positive and negative, and we also have a sense of anticipation. Positive anticipation is goal setting and visualisation of positive timelines, and negative anticipation is commonly known to us as anxiety.

What's important to try and remember is that the past events which affect us in the present don't exist anymore, and the future projections are yet to exist. There's only what we have around us in this now moment.

What Does Science Say About This?
Quantum physics says that all exists as an energetic field of probability, until such a time as there is an observer. That is, until something is experienced by an awareness and collapses from probability into certainty, an infinite number of potentials exist.

The way that I perceive this, is that if you can't directly visually perceive something, then it doesn't exist as part of our physical reality. This is why it can be quite difficult for us to "look" into the future.

Setting Goals vs The Present Moment
We need to be able to set goals in order to orientate ourselves towards something, and yet we need to remain in the moment as it's all that exists. So how do we set goals without getting caught in the anxiety anticipation?

The answer is to set SMART goals; Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relatable, and Timely. Dealing with an energetic universe of infinite potential means we can set out to achieve anything which comes across our imagination, so the first step is understanding the need to be specific about what we want to create.

We put the goal at a time in the future to aim at, as an orientation marker, and then the way to achieve this is to settle into the eternal current moment and achieve a long list of micro goals consistently, in line with knocking over the big goal.

Catch the video below if you're interested in going deeper

☥ Day 1/90: How To Navigate The Quantum Reality // August 05 2019 ☥

See you tomorrow..

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