How We Deal With Brain Fog

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In this blog, we're looking at video 8 of my 90 day livestream journey. Today I was dealing with a lot of small annoying things which filled up my mindspace with uncomfortable fog.

90 Day Video Journey II
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☥ Day 8/90: How We Deal With Brain Fog // August 12 2019 ☥


Sometimes Breathing Doesn't Cut It
Usually the suggestion for loud thoughts or anxiety, stress etc. is meditation, or some deep breaths. Sometimes though, the thoughts are just way too loud and too many. Today I walked out to the forest and wrote 2 pages of thoughts before my brain could slow down and start to relax. I think anyone can benefit from this "brain dump" technique when it's the right time for it.

A solid combo of having to search for accommodation, flights, and having both credit card and phone issues all in the same afternoon amidst everything else I have going on for my final weeks in the USA left me no other option but to just let it all out on some paper. Writing is a powerful therapy because it uses physical, emotional, creative, and logical faculties together, focusing our whole system on the task at hand, and then you can read it back and usually realise it makes no sense.. but you feel better anyway.

Watch the video below

☥ Day 8/90: How We Deal With Brain Fog // August 12 2019 ☥

See you tomorrow.

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