Are you holding onto stuff?

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Are you holding onto stuff?

You’ve taken the leap. Congratulations, that was a brave move, one that was inevitable because you are a highly creative person, always seeking to improve. Then maybe you stopped at an unknown place unsure of your next move. If like myself, you lept and landed in a place of uncertainty, a place that feels a bit uncomfortable, that’s normal, it’s change or growth, a shift of paradigm.

So what has that first paragraph got to do with holding onto stuff? You may be asking. Well, I recently took a huge leap of faith and landed in a better space than I vacated. A lot of newnesses and a degree of expected learning curves. Then I experienced something quite unexpectedly powerful.

More is less!

I decided to sell a couple of my musical instruments, this led me to realise just how many I had managed to collect over the years. Even one of the rooms in my mum’s house was full of them. I’m not suggesting that there’s anything wrong with owning lots of instruments if they’re being used. This is key, as they were for the most part just lying around gathering dust. Some for many years!

My plan to move a couple of instruments on turned into quite an emotional undertaking. I had been frequenting an independent percussion shop here in Brighton since I arrived in June 2000. So, many African hand drums, shakers, didjeridu’s, a couple of kora’s, a balafon, percussive toys of all shapes, sizes and sounds later, I had accumulated a pretty impressive collection.

A quick phone call to my mate Les at the shop and I was promptly rounding up all the dust-laden items for a second-hand stock delivery! 

I decided to keep what was relevant to my life NOW. I now have a bass guitar, 3 very different didjeridu’s, a kora, a small collection of hand percussion and a few ‘sound healing’ jingly-jangly things.

All of these items are going to be used regularly and will definitely not be gathering the proverbial dust!

Step out of the old story.

WOW! The power of the emotions never ceases to amaze me. I had never considered myself to be a ‘hoarder’, yet that was exactly what I was doing, maybe not intentionally from the outside, however, the fact that most of the items in question were now redundant meant that they WERE being hoarded! I started to look at the ‘why’s’ and the ‘what for’s’ and could clearly see an interesting pattern of how I had been holding onto ‘stuff’ to keep myself in a ‘safe’ place. 

I had created a story of me being a musician. More specifically a bassist, then a percussionist, then a didjeridu player and then a kora player. Different situations over the years have meant some instruments have been used more than others and letting go of some of the instruments was never an option, as “they’ll get used again soon”, was always the mantra in my head!

The reason I stopped using the instruments is that I was no longer in those situations. Those times were history, I had moved on, though subconsciously I was hanging onto the past. That sounds all too cliche, although it is so true and so powerful. The release of the self-inflicted pressure that I had created in my head about what I ‘should’ be and what ‘things’ I needed to be it has been a revelation to me. It’s ok to and it’s time to move on and change the story.

The abundance of letting go.

The release has been a breath of fresh air, it’s as though the trail of instruments, the history of ‘the story’ and all of the stories within that story have somehow been holding me back in a subconscious expectant revisit of what was. I now feel free to express myself in the NOW with a clearer vision and clarity of purpose.

Where are you in your story? What are you holding onto? Physically and emotionally!

I have truly put down the stones to receive and I feel lighter in the knowledge that I can fit all of my musical instruments in my car and not a truck!


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