Oh No I have to Change Again!

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I Have To Change Again!

I have to Change again!! do you often repeat that phrase in your head or out loud. How relevant is this in todays faced paced world of robots, spaceships, mobile phones, internet on our Televisions and heck it wasn't that long ago when our good old fashioned analogue tv changed to the fancy pants new digital tv. Change hey who really is ready for it.

Now change in our personal lives we can deal with in our own time and at our own pace!! well sort of but when our radio and televisions changed from the analogue signal to the new knock your socks of digital signal, old dinosaurs like myself had no choice but to bite the bullet catch up go to the shops and replace my old devices.

O.M.G what a sad tough day that was for me damn it my old tv and radio still worked fine till they shut down the analogue signal - bugger change can be hard for stubborn old fuddy duddies like me!!

Keeping up with the Change  

Now it doesn't really matter if you like change or not it is happening all the time, all around us and that is never more apparent than in real life. Now for some this may be great and for others it could seem so hard but really at the end of the day we are responsible to ourselves only as to how hard we make change. 

Now we can become total denial frumpies and move to a place we feel that is totally of the grid and does not effect change like our developed socially expectant societies we have created around us called towns and cities, don't fool yourself because even the off - the- grid denial outskirtsers will have to deal with change in one way shape or form. 

You can't escape it so why not try and embrace it Change that is!

Now the place I feel change happens quicker than you can blink an eye is in business, the workplace and online on the internet, especially in business and work. So really if we want to work live and play in our developed society towns cities and countries we really have no choice but to embrace the change that has come about in the digital world and go with the flow. 

We must stop trying to force the new digital change into our old ways of doing things because we don't want to change. Instead we have to reach out with both hands and grab this Digital Dragon with both hand, understand it, appreciate it and learn to work with it.

Now I am not saying you have to like it or even love it but you will at some stage in the next few weeks have to either work in the digital arena or decide to leave the comfortable confines of the developed society you currently reside in and chase the ever elusive off - the - grid supposed no change lifestyle.

The Time to Change Has Arrived

I am an in betweener I like some of the benefits the digital dragon has endowed to me and some I don't like but I do accept that to continue to work and build my business, I do need to understand and appreciate the digital world and just how I can use it to promote myself and my business.

So, to do that I decided way back in 2012 to enlist the help of a progressive relatively new online business community that was run by a hip good looking young bloke. I saw an ad online when I was researching something else and was intrigued to say the least.

So, I started doing research, I was happy to give my email address for their free 7-part video series the whole time knowing that yes, they were going to market to me. That was fine by me, I was spent in life anyway, in dead end job with little to no time and totally jaded on the human species as I called them and life in general. 

I gladly watched the 7 day videos read the follow up emails for almost 2 months while I researched if I should hand over what was left of my savings to this virtually unknown company and young ex real-estate salesman.

I was scared shitless I'll admit it and the day I spent the last of my savings to join up I felt so sick to the stomach I almost threw up in my mouth. I was visibly shaking because if I lost this money I was screwed. This is the first time I paid and brought anything online on the computer in the most digital arena of all. 

I made the leap I decided to change and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. To this day, I am still a member of that same online business community and I can tell you without the support, knowledge online tools and education this community offers me I would not be as advanced in my life and my work as I am today. 

Change can be a good thing and it is happening all around you whether you like it or not. But at the end of the day the choice comes down to you and you can make it as hard or as easy as you want. 

So, if you have stumbled upon me today and liked what you read and are particularly interested in knowing more about the online business community that helped me and still helps me to this day then feel free to check it out


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