If I was nine. Song

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Here's one of my songs, songwriting is a passion of mine. I wrote this with my son and he did the video. hope you like it.  

If I Was Nine,  video on youtube 


If I was nine I’d fly twice around the earth,

In a craft made for two

I could drive, you could ride

Turn left at the stars there’s brand new constellation

I’d name after you..

But I’m supposed to care what the politician says

does the news man lie cos good stories feeds his kids

over complication on the running of a nation, wish I nine

Cardboard coffee cups and conversions

tax men and immigrations

broken cars and minimum wages

the plight of the modern ages

Kim Kardashian’s arse on the small screen

another case of ADHD                                         

Wish I could fly back through time to when

Was nine.

Hope you like it, Andy 

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